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Aids Foundation South Africa

Official website of the foundation providing news, information and resources about the disease plus information on research, projects, media and partners.

Allergy Society of South Africa

Society news and information including details of conditions, patient literature, allergy resources and an allergen database.

Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa

Statutory health body controlling allied health professions in South Africa provides details of the structure of the council, associations, legislation, elections, access to information, professionals boards and registration requirements, schedule of dees, education, applications, competitions, practitioners and forms.

Association for Dietetics in South Africa

Professional organisation for registered dietitians provides details of branches, membership, activities, nutrition, portfolios and sponsorship.

The Association for the Aged

Presents different services provided by the nonprofit organization to elderly persons in Durban.

Association of Nursing Agencies of South Africa

Organisation representing nursing agencies provides details of the constitution, code of ethics, member list, applications, newsletters and contact information.

Association of Surgeons of South Africa

Features details of the executive committee, constitution, news and events including information for patients.

Autism South Africa

South African organization focusing on autism provides information on the condition including details of services, membership, workshops, registered members, process and private service providers.

Cancer Association of South Africa

Provides information, news and support for those who have cancer.

Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa

Offers an overview of the foundation including details of programmes and sponsorship.

Confederation of Complementary Health Associations of South Africa

Offers details of achievements and defining principles, executive committee, history, legal recognition, membership and representation.

Council for Medical Schemes

Find details of statutory body established in 1998 to provide regulatory supervision of private health financing through medical schemes.

Critical Care Society of Southern Africa

Society information including details of role players, branches, news and events.

Dermatology Society of South Africa

Society representing dermatologists provides details of membership, executive, constitution, guidelines, resources and updates.

Down Syndrome South Africa

Organization working to improve the lives of people with Down Syndrome provides information on early intervention, education, alternate therapies, disability grants, conferences, general information and guides.

Emergency Medicine Society of South Africa

Society representing healthcare professionals involved in emergency care provides details of membership, events, submissions, educational resources, practice guidelines, resources, courses, media and newsletters.

Ethnomedicine Practitioners Association of South Africa

Non profit federal organisation responsible for the accreditation and control of Ethnomedicine practitioners in South Africa.

Health Society South Africa

Society profile including details of resources and sponsors.

Heart Failure Society of South Africa

Off-shoot of the South African Heart Association provides details of membership, education, research and activities.

Hospital Association South Africa

Industry association representing the majority of hospital groups and privately owned hospitals in South Africa provides details of membership, documents, private hospitals, nursing, documents and resources, industry news and contacts.

Islamic Medical Association of South Africa

Association news and information including details of projects and services, upcoming events, publications, volunteer opportunities, resources, facilities and annual convention.

Leprosy Mission

Specifies the role of the organization and its message to the community as well as background information about the sickness.

Medical Tourism Association of South Africa

Trade association representing the interests of key players in the medical tourism industry provides details of services.

Microscopy Society of South Africa

Find details of the history of the society, membership and committee, meetings, community projects, trust fund and conferences.

Occupational Therapy Association of South Africa

Recounts the history and structure of the organization and provides the contact details and address of its training centers.

Parasitological Society of Southern Africa

Features details of membership, meetings, awards, positions, constitutions, conferences and brochure.

Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa

Society profile including information on membership and applications, member services, resources, activities, practice information and bursaries.

Post Natal Depression Support Association of South Africa

Presents details of the history of the association, membership, help available for moms and family, help in pregnancy, FAQs, groups and contacts.

Psychological Society of South Africa

Nationally representative professional body for psychology in South Africa provides details about the profession, membership, events, news and resources. SSASA

Public Health Association of South Africa

Association representing the interest of the public health community provides details of membership, resources and activities, jobs, conference, newsletter and updates.

Rural Doctors Association of Southern Africa

Find information on membership, success stories, joining, what's happening, partners, donations, mission statement and contacts.

SA Federation for Mental Health

Mental health organization provides information on programmes, getting help, getting involved, resources, membership and events.

Society of Medical Laboratory Technology of South Africa

Previews relevant information about the company involved in helping the Medical Technology profession in the country.

Society of Radiographers of South Africa

Society representing radiographers provides details of council members, joining, journal, issues, registration and contacts.

South African Association of Audiologists

Association representing audiologists provides details of membership, resources, sponsors, news and events.

South African Association of Health and Skincare Professionals

Professional body provides details of education, standards, training providers, news, notices, classifieds, downloads and report.

South African Association of Hospital and Institutional Pharmacists

National association representing hospital and institutional pharmacists provide details of membership, events, discussion forum and resources, portfolios, classifieds, vacancies and locums, issues, feedback and news.

South African Association of Veterinary Technologists

Association established in 1969 provides details of aims and objectives, constitution, members, applications, congress, affiliations, courses, classifieds, approved suppliers, vet lab guidelines, archives and downloads.

South African Clinical Neuropsychological Association

Offers details of conferences, membership, categories, branches, documents, courses and library.

South African Dental Association

Dental association provides details of governance, staff, branches, general information and resources.

South African Dental Technicians Council

Council representing dental technicians provides details of regulations, training institutions, publications, FAQs and resources.

South African Health Informatics Association

Independent organization provides details of activities, resources and contacts.

South African Heart Association

Sole organisation representing the professional interests of cardiologists and cardio-thoracic surgeons provides details of the executive, membership, regional branches, interest groups, congresses, cases, guidelines and resources.

South African Medical Association

Medical association provides information on applications, forms, offices, members, news, events, activities and interest groups. SAMedicalAssoc

South African Medical Research Council

Conducts scientific studies that help prevent the spread of diseases in the country such as HIV and AIDS, malaria, cancer, and various genetic disorders.

South African National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence

Presents an overview of the organisation plus information on funding, representation, services, substances, networking, statistics, guidelines, press, downloads and contacts.

South African Nursing Council

Nursing council provides details of objectives in setting and maintaining nursing education and practice standards in South Africa. Includes details of examinations, nursing schools, employment, complaints, presentations, services and statistics.

South African Optometric Association

Association representing optometrists in South Africa provides details of membership, practitioners, news and events.

South African Orthopaedic Association

Association representing orthopaedic surgeons provides details of membership, industry overview, events, publications, applications, grants, awards, history and information on locating an orthopaedic surgeon in South Africa.

South African Podiatry Association

Association representing podiatrists provides details of membership, benefits, foot health, news, events and advice on locating a podiatrist.

The South African Red Cross Society

Official news, resources and information on the society's work in South Africa.

South African Renal Society

Find details of membership, activities, research, training and courses, upcoming and past events, guidelines, constitution, research grants, journals, registry and forum.

South African Society of Sleep Medicine

Offers details of membership, activities and events, sleep centres, sleep disorders, media and contacts.

South African Spa Association

Organisation dealing with the spa industry in South Africa provides details of members, events, courses, newsletter, calendar and contacts.

South African Veterinary Association

Veterinary association provides information on membership, members, activities, events, resources, animal information and careers.

South African Veterinary Association

Veterinary association provides information on membership, members, activities, events, resources, animal information and careers.

Southern African Spinal Cord Association

Lists the focus areas and support services provided by the organization and includes information about its annual conferences.

Trauma Society of South Africa

Parent organisation of surgical trauma professionals provides details of membership, advocacy, news, library, events and updates.

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