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Archaeology in Ras el Shamra - Ugarit

  • Ancient Ugarit Text Studied by US Researcher

    US archaeology researcher conducts paleographic study of the Cuneiform alphabetic texts and scripts from the discovered tablets.

  • Discovery of an Ancient City - Ugarit

    Recovery of tablets was referred as Phoenicians, Ugaritic settlement, and the earlier syllabic cuneiform Akkadian and simpler Ugaritic alphabetic scripts.

  • Quartz Hill School - Ugarit

    Presents archaeological excavations and expeditions, historical data, and discovery on thousands of tablets.

  • Ugarit (Ras Shamra)

    Details history on the golden age of Ugarit and discovery of the temple library, Ugaritic scenes, and variety of finds of ancient records in cuneiform script.

  • Ugarit, Syria

    Features images of old remains and details on earliest evidence of writing and rituals.

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