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Science Skeptical Inquiry

The Baloney Detection Collection

Information on how to debunk pseudoscience from Professor Stephen Sekula, Professor John L. Cotton, and Professor Randall J. Scalise.

Free Inquiry

Steven Schafersman provides links to humanist and skeptical essays and presentations.


Viewers are offered debunked myths and urban legends on video by Brian Dunning.

Secular Web

Providing resources for critical thinking including forums, news, events, books, and related links.

Skeptic Friends Network

Promotes skepticism and critical thinking with news headlines, articles, forums, and investigations.

Skeptic News

Blog contains articles and commentary covering creation, pseudopsychology, pseudoscience, rilgions, aliens, and more.

Online version of the quarterly publication, provides articles and commentary.

Skeptic's Dictionary

Both the web site and the book by the same name offers definitions, arguments and essays on a variety of topics ranging from acupuncture to zombies, arranged by categories that include alternative medicine, critical thinking, cryptozoology, ETs and UFOs, frauds and hoaxes, junk science, logic and perception, New Age, paranormal, science and philosophy, and supernatural.

The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe

Weekly podcast featuring science news and interviews with skeptics.

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