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Relativity Physics, People

Aleksandr Friedmann

Shows a comprehensive biography and collects resource links about the scientist.

Georg Riemann

Discusses the development of the scientist’s discovery of non-Euclidean geometries.

Georgio Ricci-Curbastro

Highlights a short biography and achievement list of the scientist that developed the tensor calculus.

Hendrik Lorentz

Provides references, biography, and highlights of the physicist.

Hermann Minkowski

Contains quotations and achievement highlights of the scientist claimed to have laid the mathematical foundation of the relativity theories.

Hermann Weyl

Provides accomplishment highlights and shows references of the physicist that combined general relativity with the laws of electromagnetism.

Karl Schwarzschild

Features the scientist that predicted the existence of black holes and who solved Einstein’s equations.

Luigi Bianchi

Develops theorems relating to Riemannian geometry.

Marcel Grossmann

Highlights the scientist that was first to connect tensor calculus and the theory of relativity.

Willem DeSitter

Studied the solutions to general relativity and developed the DeSitter space.

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