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Quantum Mechanics Gravitation Field Theory

An Introduction to Simplicial Gravity

Gives outlines on combining the theories of quantum mechanics and relativity.

Astronomy Today - Quantum Gravity

Offers explanations of the gamma ray bursts which may contain quantum gravity energies.

Canonical Quantum Gravity

Proffers summaries and lecture notes discussing the canonical quantization of general relativity using Ashtekar's variables and loop quantization.

Cause Of Gravity And An Explanation Of Field Dynamics

Provides illustrations and theories explaining the role of gravity on physical sciences.

Classical and Quantum Gravity

Contains articles and guides for scientific professionals involved in gravitational field and space time theory experiments.

Cosmological Applications Of Loop Quantum Gravity

Discusses the basic formalism and recent developments of the loop quantum cosmology.

Gravity as an Effective Field Theory

Proffers details on the treatment of general relativity as an effective quantum theory.

How Far Are We From The Quantum Theory Of Gravity?

Focuses on discussing approaches on deriving loop quantum gravity and string theories.

How Gravity Works At Microscopic Scales

Discusses the problems involved when constructing quantum theories of gravity.

Knots and Quantum Gravity

Contains details of the formulas and scientific experiments involved in proving the theories.

Loop Quantum Gravity Induced Modifications To Particle Dynamics

Shows reports relating to the construction of effective Hamiltonians derived by incorporating the Planck scale corrections to the dynamics of photons.

Matters of Gravity

Highlights the advances of gravitational theories. Also shows related resources.

Quantum Gravity

Contains details on the scientific advances of the gravity theories.

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