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Plasma Equipment, Components and Services

  • Advanced Energy

    Sells power and control units for plasma thin-film manufacturing processes.

  • Amptek

    Sells x-ray and gamma ray detectors, multichannel analyzers, charge sensitive preamplifiers, and spaceflight instrumentation.

  • BOC Edwards

    Provides management solutions for exhaust and chemical processes.

  • Bostec Engineering

    Manufacturer of precision UHV metal seals for ultra-high vacuum and pressure applications including semiconductor, nuclear, aerospace, outer space and oilfield.

  • Diversified Technologies, Inc.

    Sells switching power supplies and high voltage systems for power electronics, electromagnetics, analog circuit design, instrumentation and test systems, and system integration.

  • Dynapower Corporation

    Provides transformer technology, rectifiers, battery formation, anodizing equipment.

  • FAST ComTec

    Manufactures photon counters and nuclear instrumentation. Shows product catalogs and technical details.

  • Hamamatsu Family

    Sells devices and accessories for use on the generation and measurement of infrared, visible and ultraviolet light.

  • Huntington Mechanical Laboratories, Inc.

    Supplies ultra-high vacuum (UHV) research equipment for research and scientific applications.

  • HyVac Products Inc.

    Manufactures vacuum pumps, gauges, fittings, filters, traps and systems.

  • Insulator Seal Inc.

    Provides product catalogs, shows technical specifications, and contains ordering information.

  • IntelVac, Inc.

    Sells and manufactures vacuum products and semiconductor equipment for use in scientific and industrial applications and research.

  • Materia Systèmes

    Provides ion and plasma sources and equipment used on treatment and cleaning purposes.

  • Maxwell Technologies

    Highlights the products and services pertaining to delivering scientific and technical expertise to federal and commercial sectors.

  • MDC Vacuum Products Corporation

    Manufactures vacuum system components used for plasma research facilities.

  • MKS Instruments

    Sells manometers, transducers, residual gas analyzers, plasma and power generators, mass flow controllers, helium leak detectors, and digital network products used on vacuum and gas-based research processes.

  • National Instruments

    Develops computer-based measurement and automation programs for use on the medical research fields.

  • Oxford Applied Research

    Sells ion sources, atom sources, gas crackers, and evaporation sources for use on surface science applications.

  • Saint-Gobain Crystals and Detectors

    Offers equipment, products, and accessories used for x-rays and for gamma and neutron detection applications.

  • Sciencetech

    Designs and manufactures modular optical spectroscopic systems.

  • Stanford Research Systems

    Sells instrumentations used for the testing, measurement, and analysis of biological research projects.

  • Vaccon Vacuum Products

    Features product support and engineering solutions; shows item catalogs, and discusses company highlights.

  • Vactek

    Specialized dealer of industrial, analytical and medical vacuum equipment. Shows career highlights, service details, and ordering policies.

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