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Nuclear Fuson Magnetic Physics


    Carries out experiments on controlled thermocuclear fusion, electrical discharge exploitation, and plasma source interactions. Discusses highlights, shows publications, and presents grant information.

  • Fusion Ignition Research Experiment

    Shows publications, presents meeting highlights, and discusses the engineering design.

  • HBT-EP Tokamak

    Presents the experiments done to demonstrate the feasibility of high-beta tokamaks.

  • HSX

    Focuses on the investigation of transport turbulence and the confinement of a quasi-helically symmetric magnetic field.

  • ITER

    Showcases the scientific and technological advances of fusion power for peaceful purposes.

  • Joint European Torus (JET)

    Shows reports and highlights of the magnetic confinement fusion experiment which is based on the tokamak concept.

  • National Compact Stellarator Experiment

    Discusses the diagnostics, manufacturing, and procurement processes.

  • PEGASUS Toroidal Experiment

    Shows technical reports and overviews, provides project highlights, and compiles educational links.

  • Spherical Stellarator

    Shows highlights on the use of plasma current to reach pressure operation and improved confinement.

  • Spheromak

    Presents details of the laboratory equipment used to generate magnetic fields through plasma currents.


    Discusses the parameters, shows publications, and compiles resources about the experiment.

  • TJII Flexible Heliac

    Features highlights of the experiment that is based on the heliac concept.

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