Electromagnetism Resources and Equipment in the Best of the Web Directory

Electromagnetism Resources and Equipment

  • AMAC International Inc.

    Sells advanced magnets, cryostats and SRF cavities. Shows product catalogs, service capabilities, and company profile.

  • Bartington Instruments

    Produces fluxgate magnetometers, field sensors and magnetic susceptibility systems used for soils and rocks.

  • Caylar Magnetic Instruments

    Offers magnetic field regulators in closed loop systems. Shows service details and highlights of the company.

  • Custom Magnet Supplier

    Proffers magnets and accessories for different scientific and commercial purposes. Shows resources pertaining to the company’s products.

  • Elcometer® Distribution

    Sells surface coating test and measurement products. Discusses product specifications and shows company profile.

  • Electronic Filters

    Offers filtering equipment and analysis to separate unwanted frequencies for analysis.

  • Fat Quarters Software and Electronics

    Sells magnetic field sensors and electronic interfaces. Shows product catalogs and discusses corporate highlights.

  • Forcefield

    Contains magnetic and electromagnetism facts, shows scientific demonstration videos, and provides product reviews.

  • Gaussmeters and Hall Probes

    Sells gauss meters for measuring magnetic flux densities.

  • Group3 Technology Ltd.

    Discusses scientific developments, shows distributors, and provides company information.

  • Harrier Technology

    Specialists in systems for calibration and measurement of magnetic equipment.

  • Integrity Design and Research Co.

    Proffers equipment and materials for electromagnetic measurement and shielding purposes.

  • Jandel Engineering

    Development company based in Leighton Buzzard, UK. Shows equipment catalogs and scientific resources.

  • Kemo Filters

    Sells electronic signal filters. Shows product galleries and company contact details.

  • Magnetic Sciences

    Manufactures test equipment for measuring magnetic fields and electromagnetic fields including magnetometers, gaussmeters, EMF meters, magnetic sensors, electromagnetic field sensors, EMC/EMI/RFI probes, and EMF detectors.

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