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Electromagnetism Magnetic Levitation Transportation


    Provides parameter details, model descriptions, and inventor profiles.

  • Aspects of Maglev

    Discusses the perspectives, potentials and limitations of the technology within society, environment, and culture.

  • Baltimore-Washington Maglev Project

    Reports on the organization’s partnerships, public involvement, and technological advancements.

  • The International Maglev Board

    Explains system deployments, research highlights, and limitations of the transportation technology.

  • Introduction to Maglev

    Proffers an article discussing the principles, advantages, and environmental impact of the transportation system.

  • Maglev 2000 Florida

    Develops the transportation system within the local areas. Shows technological overviews and resource links.

  • Maglev Monorail

    Promotes the technological advancement for transportation applications.

  • Magplane Technology, Inc.

    Provides investor resources, development guides, and contact information of the company dealing with the promotion of the scientific advancement for transportation systems.

  • The Pennsylvania Project - High Speed Maglev

    Contains planning guides, discusses environmental impact, and provides technological details of the transportation system for the local areas.

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