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Alternative Physics, Unified Theories

Basic Structures of Matter

Discusses space-time theories based on an alternative concept of the physical vacuum.

Electrogravitational Mechanics

Shows illustrations and presents articles about the theories on the electrogravitational processes.

Electron and SubQuantum Field Theory

Highlights the development of a new subquantum paradigm.

The Electron Positron Lattice Structure Of Vacuum Space

Explains the pola model of matter, space and radiation.

Grand Unified Theory: Wave Theory

Explores energetic matter that forms wave formations which explains principle processes of nature.

Gravity Theory -- A Brief Introduction

Details density component and diallel; and gravitational-field lines.

Half-Multiplier Operator and the Unified Field Equation

Shows the matrix operator that generates Nested Arrays where field equations for physics, chemistry, astro-physics and statistics can be derived from.

IToE - The Impressionist Theory of Everything

Discusses the concept that paradoxes are natural mechanisms in the universe that are responsible for irresolvable cycles.

Journal of Space Mixing

Discusses about space-mixing theories and offers explanations of a unified theory.

New Theoretical Physics by James A. Putnam

Compiles articles on topics such as physics, life and intelligence.

The Oulines Of A Theory Of Everything With Cosmological And Philosophical Implications

Displays illustrations, quark generations, and image representations on theory of everything.

Over Unity Quantum Engines

Highlights the quantum power devices; and discusses the unified theory and a darwinian selection mechanism.

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