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Astronomy Observatories

  • Associated Universities

    Nonprofit science management corporation provides astronomical resources and information.

  • Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy

    Convention of universities and other institutions that operate astronomical observatories. Presents astronomical data and resources.

  • Faulkes Telescope Project

    Guide to the world’s largest robotic telescopes. With educational materials and other related resources.

  • Grove Creek Observatory

    Shows equipment and project details, astronomical pictures, and current solar and lunar data.

  • Johann Palisa Observatory and Planetarium

    Provides historical accounts, image collection, equipment details, and news updates. Also contains data archives of observations of variable stars.

  • Karl Schwarzschild Observatory

    Details particulars on equipment, research activities, and instructional programs. Also shows photo gallery, press releases, and news articles.

  • Klet Observatory

    Shows information about instrumentation, space discoveries, and public outreach programs. Also contains publications, news updates, and astronomical images.

  • Large Telescopes

    Displays list of colossal astronomical instruments with details and photos.

  • Lick Observatory

    Provides information on weather conditions, instrument specifications, light pollution, and current research. Also shows a photo gallery, astronomical calendars, and a list of filters.

  • Lund Observatory

    Provides information on research projects, conferences, and educational courses. Also includes a message board, astronomical pictures, and related links.

  • Mallee Sky

    Presents collection of planetary images and a pictorial chronology of the construction of the observatory.

  • Melton Memorial Observatory

    Contains historical accounts, observing schedule, astronomical images, and related links.

  • Mt. Suhora Astronomical Observatory

    Exhibits a database of linear elements of eclipsing star pairs. Includes equipment details, photo collection, published articles, and observing aids.

  • Mt. Wilson Virtual Observatory

    Contains collection of astronomical images, information about featured observatory equipment, and a guest gallery.

  • NF/Observatory

    Shows equipment details, an article collection, image galleries, and weather updates.

  • SFASU Observatory

    Displays image galleries, observing schedule, and weather reports. Also includes particulars on the equipment and education programs.

  • SkyView Virtual Observatory

    Features an astronomical research tool that generates pictures of any part of the sky at different distances.

  • Sormano Astronomical Observatory

    Showcases an illustrated article that details the primeval and medieval comets in Italy. Also provides information about the equipment and the group's organized activities.

  • Special Astrophysical Observatory

    Provides particulars about the instruments used, observing schedules, and listing of administrative divisions.

  • Springbook Research Observatory

    Displays photo gallery, news updates, equipment details, and project list.

  • Wise Observatory

    Displays press releases, equipment and project details, publications, observatory descriptions, circulars, photo database, and related links.

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