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Astronomy and Space Galaxies

  • Andromeda Galaxy

    Shows article that details the physical features and the satellites of the stellar object. Also displays related links.

  • Astronomy 162 – Stars, Galaxies and Cosmology

    Features research piece on the types and structure of spiral galaxies. Contains images and specifications.

  • Atlas of Andromeda Galaxy

    Contains tables and charts containing data on the deep sky body. Also includes discussions and list of references.

  • Dust in Spiral Galaxies

    Features article that contains instructional lecture about the topic. Also displays photos showing the presence of the particles in the stellar objects.

  • Galaxies

    Provides information about the formation and classification of the star systems. Also features a tuning fork diagram used to describe the objects by the way they look.

  • Galaxies

    Showcases slide presentation of star system photographs arranged according to its classifications.

  • Galaxy Collisions

    Information on the phenomena and its physical and morphological classifications. With images, data tables and figure captions.

  • Galex

    NASA homepage of the orbiting telescope offering mission objectives, and resources dealing with the evolution of galaxies.

  • Globular Clusters in the Andromeda Galaxy

    Features research piece by Steve Gottlieb entitled “Globular Clusters in the Andromeda Galaxy”.

  • Messier 31 - the Andromeda Galaxy

    Provides information on the celestial body along with photo gallery of various galaxies.

  • Phil Marshall

    Article informs on gravitational lenses, with images and project surveys.

  • Sky Image Lab: Galaxies

    Showcases photo gallery of nearby and distant star systems associated with detailed descriptions.

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