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Extraterrestrial Life Paradox

  • Fermi Paradox

    Shows article on the contradiction. Also contains lists of possible answers and the Drake equation.

  • Fermi's Paradox

    Shows research material by Lipunov of Sternberg Astronomical Institute on the contradiction.

  • Fritz Freiheit’s Lame Excuse

    Features research material by the Freheit entitled, “The Possibilities of FTL: Or Fermi's Paradox Reconsidered”.

  • Information Technology Seeks Extra-Terrestrial

    Presents article by Glen Mackie on the search for alien transmission with the use of the Allen Telescope Array. Also contains insight of the Drake Equation and biography of the writer.

  • Moon Miners' Manifesto

    Showcases reading material by Tihamer Toth-Fejel entitled “Fermi's Paradox, The Great Silence, and The Singularity”.

  • Space

    Features article on Fermi’s Paradox by Seth Shostak entitled “What’s Blocking Galactic Civilization? Or Are We Just Blind To It?”. Also shows article on a senior space writer Arthur Clarke.

  • Space.com

    Features and article by Seth Shostak regarding on Fermi’s Paradox entitled “Our Galaxy Should Be Teeming With Civilizations, But Where Are They?”. Contains data on the Drake Equation.

  • UFO Evidence

    Shows various articles and documents pertaining to Fermi's Paradox. Also presents various reports on alien sightings and photos.

  • UFO Skeptic

    Showcases reading material entitled “Fermi’s Paradox and the Preparation for Contact Hypothesis. Also presents various articles gathered by the organization.

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