Astronomy and Space Data Archives in the Best of the Web Directory

Astronomy and Space Data Archives

2dF QSO Redshift Survey

Features spectroscopic data release, photometric catalog, progress report and publication lists. Also presents news updates discussing the development and status of the survey.

Astronomical Data Center

Presents archives and catalogs containing observational information of astronomical objects from different telescopes.

Astronomical Picture of the Day Archive

Showcases collection of daily photos of astronomical objects, explorations and phenomena with associated explanation.

Astronomy Nook

Displays information, news, photos, and downloadable observation records relating the study. Also displays related links.

Astronomy Resources at Space Telescope Science Institute

Shows news updates on space missions. Also contains data archives, press releases and image galleries.

Astronomy: Data Archives

Shows an array of astronomical databases. Also contains catalogs, atlas of nearby dwarf galaxies and related links.

Cambridge Astronomical Society Unit

Presents information on microdensitometer facilities, Isaac Newton Telescope and projected space missions. Also contains online sky catalogs, and data archives.

CATS Database - Astrophysical CATalogs Support System

Indexes catalogs and surveys of the universe from a variety of sources.

Data Archives and Transmission System

Provides access to observation data about solar, astrophysics and terrestrial information acquired by Japanese scientific satellites and spacecraft.

Data Archives Center - Astronomical

Resource venue containing the archives of observatory, all-sky digital imaging and catalog data. Also provides astronomical reference search and browsing service.

Elodie Archive

Presents resource containing data of high-resolution stellar spectra. Also provides user’s guide and details on research criteria.

ESO and Space Telescope Science Archive Facilities

Contains shared archive server, information services, news updates, digitized sky images, links and public datasets.

ESO/ST-ECF USNO-A2.0 Catalog Server

Provides access to the all-sky catalog from produced by the US Naval Observatory. Also displays query form and news updates.

General Catalog of Galactic Carbon Stars

Provides information about coordinates, spectral classification, visual and infrared magnitudes of the objects. Also includes list of stars that have been rejected as carbon or possible carbon stars.


Contains data collection about galaxies, including image collections. Also shows information about the rotation velocity and aperture photometry of the objects.

Islamic Crescents’ Observatory Project

Features observation results about lunar phases. Also contains articles and an archive of photos of the moon.

MAST Digitized Sky Survey

Shows set of all-sky photographic images. Also includes FAQ’s, data management procedures and use policy.

National Optical Astronomy Observatory Data Archive

Contains sets of information from observation results at infrared, visible, or ultraviolet wavelengths of light. Also shows catalogs of stellar spectra.

National Radio Astronomy Observatory Postage Stamp Server

Provides radio images of the sky available in FITS or JPEG format. Also displays related sources of images from sky surveys.

Royal Astronomical Society

Contains news updates, article archive, publications, mailing list, and related links.

Simbad Astronomical Database

Provides basic information, observational measurements, and bibliography for deep space objects like stars, galaxies, and nebulae. Also contains a user’s guide and related links.

Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Telescope Data Center

Provides sets of information about observed and discovered astronomical objects and events taken from different spectographs and optical instruments.

Solar Data Analysis Center

Contains a collection of facts and images of the sun. Also includes news updates of related topics.

Super Cosmos Sky Survey

Features photographs and object catalogs of the southern sky. Also provides access to digitized images.

Technical Data for the Arecibo Airglow and Lidar Instrumentation

Contains technical information and documentation about the tools.

Very Large Array First Survey

Displays images, coverage maps, and observation data of the northern sky taken from the radio system. Also shows catalogs of observations containing information on peak, integrated flux densities and size.

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