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Amateur Astronomy Canada

Astro Club Borealis

Presents brief reports about the organization’s public lectures and programs with images. Also includes schedule of activities and image gallery.

Big Sky Astronomical Society

Highlights details about LunarPhase Pro, an application program for productive moon observation. Also accepts questions related to the study through the ‘Ask the Expert’ form.

Cowichan Valley Star Finders

Contains collections of published newsletters and society pictures.

Durham Region Astronomical Association

Shows details about the history, awards, and outreach programs of the club. Also includes lists of publications and archive of newsletters.

Elliot Lake Astronomy Club

Features predictions of sky weather conditions through clear sky clock, with procedures on the use of the timepiece.

Fraser Valley Astronomers Society

Provides information on equipment making, examination and marketplace. Also includes reports on lunar, solar and sky weather conditions.

Hamilton Amateur Astronomers

Contains galleries of observing manuals and astronomy interactive estimators. Also shows list of published books and archives of newsletters.

Lethbridge Astronomy Society

Presents downloadable documents about basic facts associated with the study. Also includes article collection on space events and discoveries.

Merritt Astronomical Society

Enumerates rules and prescripts in observing activities and locations. Also shows images of deep sky objects with discovery details.

North Bay Astronomy Club

Provides information about schedule of activities, committee members and Powassan’s Public Observatory. Also displays downloadable timekeeping systems and estimators.

North York Astronomical Association

Shows updates on lunar phase, northern lights conditions and solar image. Also provides information about star party location and observatories.

Ottawa Valley Astronomy and Observers Group

Contains archives of newsletters, images and articles related to the study. Also features observing challenges divided into different difficulty levels.

Peterborough Astronomical Association

Provides information on schedule of meetings and membership rates. Also presents downloadable periodic publications and articles on light pollution.

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Calgary Center

Shows collections of articles and pictures of club activities. Also presents reports on observing conditions and related events, and downloadable instructional documents.

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Edmondton Centre

Features collections of "Stardust", the group's newsletter. Also includes information about observation sites, activity schedule, and membership application.

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Halifax Center

Details observing aids like sky clock and shows lists of deep sky objects. Also contains collections of published articles and astronomical images.

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, K-W Center

Provides information about observation locations and the equipment of the club. Also includes instructional articles on star magnitude system and caring for optical tools.

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Montreal Center

Contains project descriptions, article collections, and an image gallery.

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Niagara Centre

Find meeting times, news and events, library offerings, and images.

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Okanagan Centre

Offers a newsletter, meeting times, observing tips, images, and information about public outreach.

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Ottawa Centre

Includes centre bylaws and council information, meeting times, articles, and image gallery.

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, St. John’s Center

Presents reports about space travels, observing conditions and weather forecasts. Also includes accounts about bright comets and Skyhound observing application software.

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Sunshine Coast Centre

Provides details about Late Abatement Initiative and Ruby Lake Observatory projects. Also features list of library resources available for borrowing.

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Toronto Center

Highlights articles about lunar eclipse, comet, observatory and educational programs. Also includes information about membership application with downloadable forms.

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Victoria Center

Contains galleries of deep sky observing reports, online club articles and downloadable newsletters. Also presents details about the construction of the observatory.

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Winnipeg Center

Provides information about membership meetings, privileges and observing sessions. Also displays slide presentation of deep sky and solar system pictures.

Stratford Astronomy Group

Shows weather condition reports, schedule of events and venue for conversation session.

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