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Unknown Primates Bigfoot

The Big Foot Chronicles

Showcases the BBC television documentary series that set out to recreate the Ape Canyon sighting of the humanoid creature.

Bigfoot Encounters

Presents a general overview of the biology of the "Sasquatch." Provides newspaper and magazine clips, papers, and interviews. Accommodates sighting submissions as well.

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization

Site of a scientific research organization that aims to explore the Bigfoot mystery. Presents a comprehensive sightings database.

Bigfoot Forums

Hosts discussions and the sharing of views and information on the Sasquatch or Bigfoot.

Bigfoot in New York

Provides photographs and background information on the cast of large footprints found in April of 2000 at the Hudson Valley.

Bigfoot Research Network

Committed to the research of the creature throughout the North American continent and promotes methods of obtaining quality incident reports.

Blue North: Investigations and Expeditions Into the Unknown

Posts the upcoming events and provides articles and photographs regarding the various research projects undertaken by the team.

Central Ohio Bigfoot Research

Features details of this research group's activities and membership, with reports and sighting information.

Friends of Bigfoot

Promotes the scientific and ethical research on the Bigfoot mystery. With discussion forums.

Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization

Archive of creature sightings throughout America and the other countries. Features multimedia files of creature noises and sounds.

Honey Island Swamp Monster

Provides background information on the documentary film that investigated the existence of the creature living in the famous swamp in Louisiana.

Kentucky Bigfoot

Contains photographs and narrative reports of creature sightings in the state.

Mad River Sasquatch Study Group

Focuses on collecting and researching various information regarding reported sightings of the elusive creature.

Michigan Bigfoot Information Center

Lists the different places of creature sightings throughout the state. Also includes some photographs and links to relevant resources.

New Jersey Bigfoot Reporting Center

Research organization compiling possible sightings of the hominid in the area. Also contains several articles regarding the creature.

The Ohio/Pennsylvania Bigfoot Research Group

Volunteer organization researching the Bigfoot phenomena through the use of scientific methodologies.

Oregon Bigfoot

Posts the latest updates, recent news and reports as well as database of sightings in the state. Photo research journal and gallery also included.

Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society

Provides information on the group’s meetings and current events. Also shows the interactive map of the state.

Texas Bigfoot

Established with the goal of collecting and disseminating information regarding the evasive creature. Provides photograph and audio video collections.

Texas Bigfoot Research Center

Provides background information on the group’s members as well as the history of hominid sightings in the state.

Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy

Provides news, information about current projects and background information about bigfoot.

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