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Alternative Astronomy Cosmology

All New Universe

Contains presentations and observations on the logic, science, and theory of the arena of space.

Cosmic Perspective

Aims to explore the reality behind the cosmic creation, from the point of view of an astronomer.

Cosmic Queries: Stars, Galaxies, Metagalaxies

Postulates on the relationship between the golden or divine proportion with the magnitude measurement of different stars.

Cosmological Model of the Living Universe

Compilation of articles aiming to explain the origin of the universe as explained by various hypotheses.

Cosmological Model of the Living Universe

Quantum presentation of the origin of the universe. Also discusses other cosmic creation theories.

Electric Cosmos

Astronomy proposition that relates cosmic creation and nature to electrical phenomena.

Eugene Savov

Website of the author of the book "Theory of Interaction." Presents various cosmic creation models and related predictions.

Fractal Cosmology

Contends the concept of the Big Bang Theory and proposes that the Universe is a repeating geometric pattern or fractals.

Genesis Continuous

Delves into the findings revealing the Earth’s increasing volume and how it affects the planet’s rotation around the sun.

Living Cosmos

Personal and unscientifically supported view on the creation of the cosmos.

Needy Cosmology

Compilation of essays and informative articles explaining the various observations unexplained by the specified scientific field.

Science, Metaphysics and Reductionism

Extensive article postulating on the possibility of approaching the topic of Science and Religion through scientific arguments based on reductionism.

Theory of Reciprocity

Features a Newtonian approach to understanding the nature and origin of the universe.


Archive of philosophical essays, artworks, poetry and music that introduces new insights into humanity’s vision of the universe and their place in it.

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