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Offers alternate theories, opposed to the Big Bang theory, to explain the origin of the universe. Other topics in cosmology presented include - stars, galaxies, gravity, mass, and the evolution of the universe.
  • All New Universe

    Contains presentations and observations on the logic, science, and theory of the arena of space.

  • Cosmic Acceleration: Hounding the White Whale of Cosmology

    Devoted to the research of presenting a large-scale structure and evolution of the universe.

  • Cosmic Perspective

    Aims to explore the reality behind the cosmic creation, from the point of view of an astronomer.

  • Cosmic Queries: Stars, Galaxies, Metagalaxies

    Postulates on the relationship between the golden or divine proportion with the magnitude measurement of different stars.

  • Cosmological Model of the Living Universe

    Compilation of articles aiming to explain the origin of the universe as explained by various hypotheses.

  • Electric Cosmos

    Astronomy proposition that relates cosmic creation and nature to electrical phenomena.

  • Fractal Cosmology

    Contends the concept of the Big Bang Theory and proposes that the Universe is a repeating geometric pattern or fractals.

  • Genesis Continuous

    Delves into the findings revealing the Earth’s increasing volume and how it affects the planet’s rotation around the sun.

  • Living Cosmos

    Personal and unscientifically supported view on the creation of the cosmos.

  • Needy Cosmology

    Compilation of essays and informative articles explaining the various observations unexplained by the specified scientific field.

  • Science, Metaphysics and Reductionism

    Extensive article postulating on the possibility of approaching the topic of Science and Religion through scientific arguments based on reductionism.

  • Theory of Reciprocity

    Features a Newtonian approach to understanding the nature and origin of the universe.

  • Wingmakers

    Archive of philosophical essays, artworks, poetry and music that introduces new insights into humanity’s vision of the universe and their place in it.

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