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Prehistoric Earth Dinosaurs

CBBC Newsround Dinosaurs

Provides a brief overview of dinosaurs, their names and how they became extinct.

Curse of T Rex

Examines the other animals, plants and insects which were around at the time of the dinosaurs.

Dino Dictionary

Offers data and audio pronunciation files for over 300 dinosaur species.

Dinosaur Dig

Contains dinosaur puzzles, dinosaur FAQ, information about finding fossils and exhibition tour from the San Diego Museum of Natural History.


Offers FAQ about dinosaurs, plus information on Tyrannosaurus Rex and an audio tour on Dilophosaurus, narrated by its discoverer.

Dinosaurs: Facts and Fiction

Lists answers to commonly asked questions about dinosaurs, including skin color and dinosaur communication.

Discovering Dinosaurs

Encylopedia Brittanica traces dinosaur hunters and dinosaurs across four main themes: environment, anataomy, behaviour and physiology. Includes activities, dino word root table and gallery.

Exploring the Environment - Dinosaur Floor

Features information about the age of the dinosaurs with a focus on different theories about their extinction.

Finding the World's First Dinosaur Skeleton

Tells the story of the discovery, in 1858, of the world's first near complete dinosaur skeleton. It was found by fossil hobbyist William Parker Foulke in Haddonfield, New Jersey.

Kids Dinos

Contains interactive dinosaur flashcards, plus a timeline, dino data and dinosaur games.

Natural History Museum - Dinosaurs and Other Extinct Creatures

Contains a collection of articles, fact files and webcasts about dinosaurs and other extinct creatures such as the Dodo. Includes dino directory, virtual specemins and fossils database.

Zoom Dinosaurs

Offers lots of information about dinosaur anatomy, eras and classifications, with sections on fossils and extinction too. Includes craft ideas, quizzes and print outs.

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