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Living Things Genetics

  • American Museum of Natural History: The Gene Scene

    Contains quizzes, experiments, projects, interviews, and related features.

  • DNA from the Beginning

    Illustrated and animated primer on the basics of DNA, genes, and heredity.

  • DNA Interactive

    Online teaching community dedicated to DNA and genetics. Features downloadable lessons and teacher guides.

  • Dnalmaniac

    Offers short explanations of DNA structure, heredity and cloning.

  • Gene Machine

    Asks the user a series of questions about dominant and recessive traits they and their parents may or may not have, in order to provide insight into the user's genetic makeup.

  • Genetics Experiment

    Presents instructions and printable pages for a coin tossing experiment which enables kids to experiment with the genetics of dark versus light hair inheritance.

  • Genetics for Kids

    Contains short articles on Gregor Mendel's genetics discoveries and about how animals and plants were domesticated. Also includes printable punnett square activities.

  • Kids Health: The Basics on Genes and Genetic Disorders

    Examines what genes are and how they work and offers information on genetic disorders and gene therapy.

  • Learn Genetics

    Features extensive animated tours of genetics topics, plus virtual labs, articles and interactives for secondary school age children. From the University of Utah.

  • Neo K12: Genetics

    Presents a series of video lessons for secondary school age children on genetics and inheritance.

  • Pea Soup: The Story of Mendel

    Offers a biography of Mendel and information on his experiments, as well as an interactive pea experiment where kids can breed their own hybrid pea plants.

  • Routes Game

    Contains video episodes of this TV series, which follows a young woman examining her genetic history. Also includes a video murder mystery game on a genetics theme and a selection of interactive games and simulations.

  • Zoo Matchmaker

    Minnesota Zoo presents an interactive game which places you in charge of a tiger breeding programme, and teaches about genetics and inheritance.

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