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Living Things Genetics

A Hypermedia Glossary of Genetic Terms

Searchable database of genetics related terminologies and their respective definitions.

American Museum of Natural History: The Gene Scene

Contains quizzes, experiments, projects, interviews, and related features.

DNA from the Beginning

Illustrated and animated primer on the basics of DNA, genes, and heredity.

DNA Interactive

Online teaching community dedicated to DNA and genetics. Features downloadable lessons and teacher guides.

Gene Machine

Asks the user a series of questions about dominant and recessive traits they and their parents may or may not have, in order to provide insight into the user's genetic makeup.

Genetics Experiment

Presents instructions and printable pages for a coin tossing experiment which enables kids to experiment with the genetics of dark versus light hair inheritance.

Genetics for Kids

Contains short articles on Gregor Mendel's genetics discoveries and about how animals and plants were domesticated. Also includes printable punnett square activities.

Kids Health: The Basics on Genes and Genetic Disorders

Examines what genes are and how they work and offers information on genetic disorders and gene therapy.

Learn Genetics

Features extensive animated tours of genetics topics, plus virtual labs, articles and interactives for secondary school age children. From the University of Utah.

Neo K12: Genetics

Presents a series of video lessons for secondary school age children on genetics and inheritance.

Pea Soup: The Story of Mendel

Offers a biography of Mendel and information on his experiments, as well as an interactive pea experiment where kids can breed their own hybrid pea plants.

Routes Game

Contains video episodes of this TV series, which follows a young woman examining her genetic history. Also includes a video murder mystery game on a genetics theme and a selection of interactive games and simulations.

Tiki's Guide to Genetic Engineering

Kids' guide to the fundamentals of genetic engineering. Features comic strips that explain different ideas.

Zoo Matchmaker

Minnesota Zoo presents an interactive game which places you in charge of a tiger breeding programme, and teaches about genetics and inheritance.

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