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Capuchin Monkeys

Animal Diversity: White-Fronted Capuchin (Cebus albifrons)

Includes geographic range, habitat, physical description, reproduction, behavior, food habits, and conservation status.

Animal Info: Ka'apor Capuchin Monkey

Details names, status, species overview, tidbits, taxonomy, habitat and threats, behavior, and social structure.

Rainforest Alliance: Capuchin Monkey (Cebus capucinus)

Discusses anatomy, habitat, diet, and threats. Includes links to additional resources.

Weeper Capuchin (Cebus olivaceus)

Looks at morphology, range, ecology, movement, behavior, types of communication, and reproduction.

White-throated Capuchin (Cebus capucinus)

Describes morphology, range, ecology, locomotion, social behavior, communication, and reproduction.

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