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Information in this category, for kids and teens, explores Marsupials, also known as Pouched Mammals. There are over 300 species, with most being native to Australia. Over 200 species live in the Americas, but only one species is native to North America.

Details include physical appearance, size, habitat, geographic range, food habits, behavior, social structure, reproduction, lifespan, threats, and conservation status.
  • About Marsupials

    Gives fun facts, including sizes, habitats, physical differences, food habits, and reproduction.

  • Bandicoots and Bilbies (Order Peramelemorphia)

    Animal Diversity describes different species, physical appearance, locomotion, diet, reproduction, and habitats. Includes pictures, specimens, and classification.

  • Marsupial Mammals

    Discusses reproduction and development, origin and history, geographic ranges, and appearance. Includes photographs.

  • Marsupials

    Brief article from Sheppard Software, includes links to information about specific marsupials.

  • San Diego Zoo: Kangaroo and Wallaby

    Covers quick and fun facts, species, habitat, social structure, communication, food habits and diet, locomotion, and sizes.

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