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  • Animal Diversity: Cuban Solenodon (Solenodon cubanus)

    Describes limited range, habitat types, physical features and measurements, breeding, longevity, behavior, diet, and predators.

  • The Animal Files: Hispaniolan Solenodon

    Reviews scientific statistics, range map, physical characteristics, habitat and activity, feeding habits, reproduction, predators, subspecies, and derivation of name.

  • Animal Info - Cuban Solenodon

    Provides names, link to image, species overview, trivia, behavior, population status and trends, history, threats, mass, life cycle, diet, and activity levels.

  • Hispaniolan Solenodon (Solenodon paradoxus)

    Contains pictures, related species, IUCN classification, features, sole range and preferred habitat, social structure, lifespan, threats, and chances for survival.

  • Cuban Solenodon

    Animal Corner UK gives species overview, population history, description, size, habitat, diet, feeding behavior, status, and venom.

  • Earth's Endangered Creatures: Haitian Solenodon

    Looks at names and listing information, as well as location, appearance, movement, preferred habitat, nests, and population history.

  • Haitian Solenodon

    Details from cover common names, IUCN status, distribution history, where found, habitat, development, diet, behavior, and social organization.

  • Solenodons: Solenodontidae

    Reviews geographic distribution and habitat, food and feeding habits, IUCN status of both species, appearance, size, sounds, and parenting.

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