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Golden Moles

Animal Info - Somali Golden Mole

Gives profile, activity, current status, countries, reasons for decline, biology, diet, and behavior. Juliana's Golden-Mole (Neamblysomus julianae)

Looks at physical characteristics, images, endemic range, preferred habitat, threats, conservation, reproduction, senses, diet, and related species.

Giant Golden Mole (Chrysospalax trevelyani)

From Animal Diversity Web, includes range and habitat, characteristics, courtship, parenting, activity and social behavior, senses, diet, and threats.

Giant Golden Mole (Chrysospalax trevelyani) examines life style, appearance, major threats, trivia, IUCN status, history of distribution, birth rate, diet, and behavior.

Golden Moles: Chrysochloridae

Tells about African range and habitat, interaction with people, and links to physical characteristics, diet, behavior, reproduction, conservation status, and species account.

Grant's Golden Mole (Eremitalpa granti)

Presents information on distribution, measurements, vision, limited breeding data, foraging behavior, senses, primary diet, predation, and areas of protection.

Hottentot Golden Mole (Amblysomus hottentotus)

University of Michigan Animal Diversity article explores distribution, types of habitat, size range, reproductive features, key behaviors, communication, and diet.

Juliana's Golden Mole

Profile, trivia, status, distribution history, habitat, birth rate, diet, behavior, and population density from

Stuhlmann's Golden Mole (Chrysochloris stuhlmanni)

Contains geographic regions, biomes, physical features, breeding season, social organization, food habits, and economic importance. From University of Michigan Museum of Zoology.

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