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False Vampire

Australian False Vampire Bat (Macroderma gigas)

Museum of Zoology offers classification, pictures, distribution, biomes, reproduction, diet and feeding habits, appearance, size, ecosystem roles, and status.

False Vampire Bats: Megadermatidae

Details distribution, typical habitats, IUCN status, characteristics, diet, behavior, reproduction, and link to a species account.

Greater False Vampire Bat (Megaderma lyra)

Animal Diversity information covers images, geographic range, habitat, appearance, reproduction, behavior, food habits, and conservation.

Lesser False Vampire Bat (Megaderma spasma)

ARKive.org reports related species, other names, characteristics, distribution, roosts, diet, behavior, threats, and conservation.

Lesser False Vampire Bat (Megaderma spasma)

Looks at pictures, specimens, distribution, habitat, appearance, breeding, behavior, diet, and economic importance. From University of Michigan Museum of Zoology.

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