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This category contains information for kids and teens about Sharks, their diet, behavior, characteristics, adaptations, lifespan, threats, and conservation efforts.
  • Florida Museum of Natural History: Shark Basics

    Answers questions about species, life span, characteristics, and habitat. With photos.

  • The Great White Shark

    Tells about different species, predatory behavior, research, stories, pictures, and media.

  • Kidzone: Sharks

    Provides shark facts, pictures, clipart and many printables including craft templates, worksheets and coloring. Also offers shark related puzzles and games to play.

  • Nature: The Secret World of Sharks and Rays

    Features a round up of different shark species and information on shark diving.

  • Nova: Island of the Sharks

    Provides extensive information about the sharks around Cocos Island, Costa Rica. Includes shark anatomy, myths, species information and profiles of some of the experts and camera crew involved in filming this program.

  • Our Animals: Sharks

    Offers pictures and basic shark information for young children.

  • Requiem Sharks (Family: Carcharhinidae)

    Gives image, description, range and habitat, and natural history.

  • Shark School

    Explores ten shark species found in the waters off of southern California and northern Baja California. Includes shark glossary and information on the similarities and differences between sharks and rays.

  • Sharky Jones

    Explains shark facts to children and provides pictures and video as well as FAQ.

  • Zoom Sharks

    Presents colorful shark facts and information for children, including shark craft ideas and printables.

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