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Alcoholism, also called alcohol dependence, is an addiction disorder involving the uncontrolled craving for and consumption of alcoholic beverages despite an alcoholic's knowledge of the negative effects on one's health, relationships, and social standing. The term "alcoholism" emerged in 1849 as coined by Magnus Huss, a Swedish physician.

Alcoholism is a treatable condition characterized by cyclic presence of tolerance, withdrawal, and excessive alcohol consumption. The exact reasons or causes that lead to alcoholism are yet unknown though risk factors are identified as the following: social environment, stress, mental health, age, gender, and genetic predisposition. Alcoholism, in the long run, leads to physiological changes in the brain that make an alcoholic physically dependent and tolerant to alcohol. A withdrawal syndrome also comes along with these changes.

Symptoms of alcoholism include negative physical changes, psychiatric symptoms, and social problems. Alcoholics face the risks of acquiring cirrhosis, pancreatitis, epilepsy, polyneuropathy, alcoholic dementia, cardiovascular disease, nutrient malabsorption, and sexual dysfunction. Health complications are observed to develop more rapidly in women. Severe cognitive and psychiatric problems also affect alcoholics the most prevalent symptoms of which are anxiety and depression disorders. Social problems associated with alcoholism on the other hand include increased tendencies for committing crimes, drunk driving, assault, tortious behavior, and domestic violence.

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