Getting Social at BOTW Local

No, they aren’t sending staff to charm school… we’re talking Social Media in this case. If you peruse the various BOTW products you’ll start seeing more social media integrated into the listings and pages.

For example, on BOTW Local even the FREE “Jump Start” listings have newly added fields for Twitter, Facebook, and Linked in. Not bad for a freebie.

Incidentally, while most directories SAY they offer a free option but pretty much just ignore their free queue… I can assure you the Jump Start queue in BOTW Local is very actively worked. In order to not accidentally over-promise, our documentation says we’ll make an up or down call inside 6 months… BUT… the Local Team had actual times down to a month a while back.

Oddly, even though that’s a fraction of what’s needed to meet our promise, even *that* wasn’t good enough. Staff asked us to add people to that team so we could get it down even lower. Last I checked it was hovering around 2 weeks out. If we add anybody else in there we’ll be approving them before you send ‘em. :)

Anyway, just thought I’d mention that if the marketing budget’s too tight to go for an upgraded route at present, do NOT just walk away empty handed. The BOTW Local Jump Start listing is IMO one of the best bargains you’ll ever find on the web. “Free” is a tough price to beat… and if the business qualifies for a listing it WILL get listed in a timely manner.

Hope everyone has a great week out there. ~ Rob


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