What to Do When You Lose Your House Keys

Nothing is more unsettling than discovering that you have lost your house keys. If it happens to you and you’re unable to find them, then you may have to go to plan B. Today, we will talk about some essential steps to take right away if you lose your keys and alternative options to the standard lock that can prevent this serious issue from ever happening again.

Look For Your Keys

If you lose your house keys, the first step you should take is to try to locate them. As long as your key is out there, it is possible that someone could use it to get into your home. Retrace your steps to the last places you were. In many cases, you may have locked the door from the inside, and the keys are in a random room in the house. Pets can sometimes also be the culprit, so check around their toys or food bowl once you get back into the house.

Gain Access Back Into Your Home

If you return home and find that you are locked out because you lost your keys during your travels, then you need to find a way in. Try not to panic in this situation, and don’t try to break into the house through a window or by trying to break in the door, or you will just cause more damage and unneeded stress.

Instead, pull out your phone, and look for a locksmith in your area with good reviews. A good locksmith can often pick the lock without damaging it in the process. Once you have regained access to your house, many locksmiths can use the mold of your lock to create a new key from scratch.

Call Your Home Insurance Company

If you believe that you won’t be able to recover your lost keys, then take a moment to call your home insurance company. Many homeowners’ insurance policies cover this issue, and many will pay for the locksmith and help you to get inside your home.

If Necessary, Change Your Locks

If you are unsure of where you lost your keys, or you feel like there is a chance that someone may be able to use the lost key to gain unlawful access to your home, then you may need to change or modify the locks on your home. There are several ways that you can choose if you go this route:

1. Rekey the Lock

In the case that you want to keep your current lock, then you have the option of rekeying. Essentially, this is when you take your existing lock to a locksmith, and they can modify it so it uses a new key that no one else has. Then you can be confident that only you can access your home.

2. Change the Locks

You can also completely change the locks on your home. This would entail buying a new lock and a new key, and you can secure your home from scratch.

3. Upgrade to Keyless Entry

If you never want to deal with the possibility of losing your keys again, then you could take this opportunity to upgrade your home to a keyless lock system found on Amazon or in home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s. This updated tech would allow you to unlock your door with an app on your phone or by inserting a numbered code instead of using a traditional key. While you won’t need to worry about lost keys, keep in mind that this digital method can be hacked.

Avoid Scams

It is very important that you do your research when hiring and bringing a locksmith to your home. Don’t let panic guide you. Instead, ensure that anyone you hire has a solid rating on Best of the Web and few to no complaints. Some locksmiths will advertise a low price online and then ask for more money when they get to your home. In essence, they are profiting off of your emotions and your desire to get back into the house. 

Also, never allow a “locksmith” to drill into your current lock or convince you that you need a brand new lock right there on the spot. Instead, every qualified locksmith will be able to unlock any lock with their tools, and they can do so with little hassle. Find reviews of trusted locksmiths on Best of the Web.

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