10 Hacks to Declutter Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the most popular room in the home. It is where families gather to talk and enjoy their meals, and it is where many people congregate during parties and get-togethers. With all that activity, your kitchen is bound to get cluttered, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Quick Kitchen Decluttering Hacks

When it comes to decluttering your kitchen, it is possible to get lost in detailed projects that can take up hours or even days of your time. While we will discuss some more involved decluttering tasks, there are also many quick tips that you can try to make your kitchen much cleaner and more organized.

1. Prioritize Your Appliance Usage

If your kitchen is crowded with dozens of appliances that you rarely use, then you can start your decluttering efforts by sorting through them all. Keep the appliances that you use at least once a week on the counter. The appliances that you rarely use can be stored in cabinets. If you have some that you have never used and you are not sure that you ever will, then consider selling or donating them.

2. Put Spices in a Dedicated Cabinet or Spice Rack

Another common issue that many people have is that they keep their favorite spices spread out all over the kitchen counters. Even though the containers may be small, they can still get in the way. Remedy the issue by purchasing a rotating spice rack that can sit in the corner or put your spices in a dedicated cabinet.

3. Mount Your Microwave

If you have your microwave sitting on the counter, then you are wasting more valuable real estate than you may realize. Consider elevating the microwave and putting it on a safe shelf or mounting it to the wall, and you will clear up a lot of counter space.

4. Sort Your Food Storage Containers

If you are like many people, then you also have a cabinet that is full of plastic food containers, and half of them are missing the lids. You can save a lot of space by taking 20 minutes to go through that area and discard/recycle the containers that don’t have matching lids. Doing so will eliminate clutter and headaches.

5. Use The Dining Room

Remember that you don’t need to keep everything food-related in the kitchen. Instead, you can instantly clear up space by storing dishes, drinkware, and utensils in the dining room instead. After all, that’s where you’ll use them most!

More Significant Kitchen Decluttering Projects

While there are plenty of quick tips that can make a big difference, there are also some amazing larger-scale projects that can completely turn your kitchen around. Keep in mind that some of these projects are pretty substantial, so don’t be afraid to hire a professional organizer or cleaning company to come in and help with the heavy lifting.

1. Install A Hanging Pan Rack

If you use a lot of pans for your cooking, then you are likely wasting a lot of space keeping them on counters and in cabinets. In your case, a hanging pot and pan rack can do wonders. There are many great options out on the market, and while many are affordable, you may need to hire a licensed contractor to help you out. The company Acuna makes a great rack that would look good in many kitchens. Once the installation is complete, the space will be completely transformed.

2. Organize Your Cookbooks

Many people love their cookbooks so much that they have one for every meal, season, and occasion. In many cases, these cookbooks are overloading cabinets and counter spaces. While it may take some time to sort through them all, spend an afternoon going through the cookbooks. Consider storing the holiday books with the holiday decorations and donating any you don’t need to the library or sell your old cookbooks on Ebay.

3. Upgrade Your Refrigerator

If you have had the same refrigerator for decades, then updating to a new model could eliminate a lot of your existing clutter. Many current refrigerators, including the newer models made by Samsung, offer touch screens where you can create your shopping list. That eliminates the need to have paper lists lying all over your kitchen. Many new refrigerators also have better lighting, so it is easier to see when food has expired, so you can remove those items and reduce clutter.

4. Tackle One Cabinet At A Time

Sometimes, the only way to really clear the clutter in your kitchen is to make every cabinet its own project. Take your time on each individual cabinet and follow these steps:

  1. Remove everything from the cabinet.
  2. Throw away or recycle any containers that are broken.
  3. Discard expired food or donate non-perishable foods you will not use by the expiration date
  4. Wipe down the cabinet.
  5. Put back everything you still need (hopefully, there is much less than there was when you started).

5. Give Your Entire Kitchen A Deep Cleaning

Finally, take the time to clean your kitchen counters, walls, cabinet doors, and all other surfaces that may be collecting dust and germs. Ideally, you should clean counters before putting your appliances back. Make it a weekly habit. When you constantly clean your kitchen, you will also be less hesitant to pile up unnecessary clutter and create a mess. 

When it comes to cleaning counters, consider a strong product like Lysol All-Purpose Cleaner, which is specifically designed for countertops, and it cuts through tough grease. Kitchen cabinets can be a bit hard to clean, but you can make them look like new by using a strong degreaser like Goo Gone Kitchen Degreaser, which will remove all tough stains and leave a nice scent. 

If you have a large kitchen or you simply do not have time to complete a thorough deep cleaning, then consider hiring a professional cleaning company to help. 

My Favorite Hack

As someone who uses cutlery on a daily basis, I love the idea of clearing up counter space and even eliminating the bulky knife block by implementing a magnetic knife divider in my kitchen. 

There are many great options available, including this inexpensive model from Fox Run Brands. It is simple to install, and then adding knives is as easy as putting them in front of the magnetic strip. Also, knives look really sharp on this apparatus, and it is easy to determine which knife you need at a moment’s notice. 

Beyond that, my family tries to work together to ensure that we clean up after ourselves when we are done in the kitchen and to always put everything back where it belongs after each use.


These are just a handful of the amazing kitchen hacks that you can try today. By decluttering this busy space, you can ensure that you can find what you need and that you can prepare your food without a lot of hassle. By being cognizant of potential clutter and cleaning on a regular basis, you can ensure that the clutter won’t get out of hand.

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