Congrats to Wes LeFebvre – Reseller Contest Winner

Small World These Days
Always amazes me how small the world gets in the age of the internet. Yeah, I know, that dates me a bit since a lot of the guys reading this were probably born post net. Hey I’m a fossil, sue me. Anyway, when Rob Schmid told me the name of the winner of our October BOTW Reseller Contest the name rang a bell.

Winner: Wesley LeFebvre of
Wesley LeFebvre owns a media publishing company which runs network of websites focused on search engine optimization and internet marketing. Reason the name sounded familiar is I’ve noticed some quality posts from him over at the V7n Webmaster Forum, including one where he offers a free SEO Book just for signing up at his blog.

You can follow Wes at, a regularly updated search engine optimization guide for people interested in learning how to make money online through improved search engine rankings.

Anyway, made it a little more special to get to write this post for someone that wasn’t just a name on an email. Reminds me of the time Microsoft transferred me to a tech in India and it turned out he and I knew each other in several net venues. Gotta love the internet.

Congrats to Wes on winning the Ipad for his October efforts. We appreciate the BOTW Reseller crew, you make our jobs easier while you earn.

Note to BOTW Owners: IPads make great gifts for staff members too.

If you’d like to become a BOTW Reseller…
You too could be earning a 25% commission on all sales. Here are links to BOTW Reseller Information and the Best of the Web Reseller FAQ. In a nutshell, it’s a great way to be able to offer customers, friends, and even yourself a great deal on submissions to the oldest directory on the web… and set up a nice passive income in the process. [Who doesn’t like that?]. Tends to add up, and you effectively lock in a super discount for yourself as well.

The BOTW Reseller program’s a win-win for all involved. Check it out, and as always, hope you’re all having a great day. ~ RobJ

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