BOTW Goes USO (OK, sorta)

Supporting the Troops
Well, we had an editor deployed to Iraq last year(the lengths some people will go to just to get outta editing… sheesh!) and we wanted to do something nice about Christmas time. After all, she’s thousands of miles from those she loves and stuck in a sea of olive drab even on a good day, so there’s gotta be something we could do.

There’s always the choice of doing the Bob Hope thing for the troops, but let’s face it, the USO wouldn’t actually have us. Granted a couple of us may sing a bit, but in my case at least if I ask for requests the most common one calls for a song I don’t know that’s apparently named “Wouldja Please Siddown and Shuddup”.

[I’ve checked, isn’t in the karaoke catalog, maybe I’m spelling it wrong.]

Barring developing better pitch and a knack for tap dance we hit on a plan to go with our strengths. BOTW is known for two things… a great directory and some Kick-A T-shirts. [You can order those however you want.] As the editor still has ties back to the directory, staff got a list of the folks in her unit and put together their own version of the familiar BOTW long-sleeve T for the whole crew.

This one’s sure to become a classic. Pics are below. Feel free to gawk in muted wonder at the glory.

On the downside, the unit got scattered all over the theater before a group shot became a possibility (who knew the military would put their operations ahead of a good photo op?), but through the magic of the internet we finally got our hands on a picture of our own intrepid warrior to provide proof that they got there. I understand some of the editors shipped cookies too, but I’d have doubts about what percentage of those made it all the way.

Name of the unit and the editor with-held just in case this might be interpreted as an advertisement by a serving member of the military, but regardless… hey youngster… you know who you are, as do we, and we just wanted to let you know we miss you and appreciate you.

Regards from us to ALL those who stand guard while we sleep.

We look forward to your safe return.

8 thoughts on “BOTW Goes USO (OK, sorta)”

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  2. RobJones said you were a long way from home serving your country.

    I want to say Thank You to you and all of fellows.

    May all of you serve well and come home safe.

    I came here just to say that.


  3. I can’t thank you enough for your service. My heart wants to burst when I think about the sacrifice you and all those who serve are making. Thank you so much.

    Cool shirt too! I had to chuckle when I saw the back. Bless you.

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