New Shirts

botwshirt.jpgAt our last conference, the WMW show in New Orleans, we got absolutely slammed with requests for our shirts. The long-sleeve were a hit, even in summer time New Orleans. We decided to load up on the original shirt, as well as expand our clothing line a bit. We ordered a few hundred shirts from Custom Ink (a fantastic place to buy customized products), this time in some various combinations.

Of course we have the standard, long sleeve, black and white. Additionally, we got some pink camisoles for the girls at the show in Miami (as well as the women at the office), some shirts for the kids, and a bunch of short sleeved shirts as well.

We plan on handing them all out at Internext and SES San Jose. If you see us at either show, please feel free to come up and ask for a shirt. If history is any indicator, you had better not wait too long – they go quick. Everybody wants to be an internet rock-star…


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