My Lords… My Ladies…

Today you find yourselves equals – for you are all equally blessed; For I have the pride, the privilege, nay, the pleasure, of introducing you to the BOTW API!

What I’m about to tell you is subject to change, since it’s still early in the game. There is nothing to see yet on, but methinks that once all the legal mumbo jumbo has been taken care of, and all the T’s crossed and I’s dotted, you can expect a more formal overview in the BOTW Help Center of what the API is and all the inherent benefits of becoming an API partner.

In the meanwhile, however, I’d like to briefly explain it to you and share with you why it will be a fairly exciting time in terms of our B2B relationships. Simply put, the API allows your web site to talk to the BOTW Directory Submit Service on our web site. The BOTW Directory Submit Service, of course, is our product which allows a web site owner to submit their site(s) for review for possible inclusion into the Best of the Web Directory. The API (which stands for Application Programming Interface), is just that; an interface for remote access. In other words, you don’t need to be surfing around On to submit your site – you can be surfing around on the site of an API partner and they will “do the needful” on your behalf.

OK, so why is this important and exciting? For one, it enables the API partner to bundle our submission process into their own product offering, and two, depending on volume, we can negotiate custom pricing with the partner. The partner gets billed separately and thus has the flexibility to charge what they want for the product, depending on what their bundle/package/promotion happens to be.

Well, I do enjoy letting the cat out of the bag, and this is quite the bag containing quite the kitty. If you’re quite the guinea pig, er, I mean, if you feel like being among the first to get started with this service, please Contact Us and we will consider granting you access. If you’re feeling shy, that’s cool. Kick back, let some of the other lemmings go over first, and we’ll be hitting you up more formally later on.


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