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Shaken Baby Syndrome

About Shaken Baby Syndrome

Offering information on SBS including facts, prevention resources, symptoms, faily support, and education.

The Matty Eappen Foundation

Information about Shaken Baby Syndrome - its fatal nature, symptoms, and ways of prevention.

National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome

Offers information, ideas and answers for parents and caregivers who are struggling to cope with a crying baby.

SBS Prevention Plus

Commercial sites offers products designed to help educate the public about the risks of baby shaking.

Shaken Baby Alliance

Working to provide support for victim families, advocate for justice for victims, and increase SBS awareness.

Shaken Baby Syndrome Defense

Provides medical details of subdural hematomas and retinal hemorrhages, as well as legal remedies, and lawyer information.

The Shaken Baby Syndrome Myth

Offers a dissident view of Shaken Baby Syndrome, serving (in part) as a "justice call" site for John Laverty, a person said to have been falsely accused and unjustly imprisoned for SBS.

Shaken Baby Task Force

Group offers details on victims, tips for childcare, anger management resources, and donor opportunities.

Shaking a Baby Shatters Lives

Nonprofit organization created to provide education and promote awareness on the prevention of Shaken Baby Syndrome. Also raises funds to provide medical equipment and other resources for children with physical and cognitive disabilities.

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