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Psychology and Religion

A Campaign for Forgiveness Research

Discusses and promotes the benefits of forgiveness on a person's psychological healing, incorporating scientific findings.

Archives of Cog-sci-rel-l

Provides mailing list for cognitive science of religion, and discusses anthropological and cognitive developmental psychology.

Are We Hardwired for God?

Essay from the London Review of Books discusses whether recent evolutionary psychology advances contain the answer to the God-question.

Notable People in Psychology of Religion

Discusses perspectives on religion held by well-known psychological theorists, including Freud, Jung, Maslow, and Erikson.

Psychology and Religion

Presents spiritual and psychological approaches, texts and articles, forums, conferences, journals, books and resources.

Psychology of Spiritual Movements

Summary of factors in spiritual movements and systematic pattern of exploitation.

Psychology, Psychoanalysis and Religious Faith

Essay from psychoanalyst Jorge W. F. Amaro looks at interrelationships between religion and psychology.

Texts and Videos by Jean-Marc Mantel

Founder of International Association for Spiritual Psychiatry shares videos, poems, and texts related to spirituality and psychology.

Tracing the Synapses of Our Spirituality

Discovers area of the brain that are activated during meditation, understands religious experiences, and explores nirvana.

Virtual Religion Index

Advances research in religion and serves as resource that highlights religion-related links.

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