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About Emotional & Relationship Health Associates

We specialize in relationship counseling, for couples, marriage, families and individuals. We are a small, local group of well trained therapists who understand and care. Safe, compassionate and focused counseling to help you toward what matters most. Specialists in relationship counseling- for couples, marriage, families and individuals. Highly-trained therapists. Safe, compassionate and focused counseling to help you toward what matters most.We respond to all client inquiries. Our staff are warm and friendly. We'll be happy to get you established for a free consultation to make sure you have the best fit for your therapy needs.

Full counseling services: individual, family and couples counseling. We offer couples intensives and relationship enhancement workshops; in addition to weekly/bi-weekly counseling sessions. All counselors have advanced training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).

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403 Flint St, Reno, NV 89501
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Services Emotional & Relationship Health Associates Offers

Our clinic offers counseling and therapy for anxiety, depression, couples & marriage, relationship improvement, family dynamics, and premarital guidance. We help individuals manage symptoms, support couples in communication and conflict resolution, and assist families in building stronger connections. Our programs are designed to enhance relationships and prepare couples for marriage. Our experienced therapists provide personalized care, creating a safe space for clients to explore emotions, gain insights, and develop strategies for personal growth and improved relationships.

  • Anxiety & Depression Therapy
  • Couples & Marriage Therapy Counseling
  • Couples And Relationship Improvement Program
  • Family Therapy
  • Premarital Counseling
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Peter Altmann
Review source: Google Peter Altmann Wednesday, December 20th 2023
Con created a warm and welcoming setting, and he helped us through issues that felt insurmountable on our own. We experienced him as understanding and encouraging, while he also invited us to take steps of growth that felt scary to us at the time. We're very grateful for his empathy and guidance, which grow from his knowledge and years of counseling experience.
Cliff Robinson
Review source: Google Cliff Robinson Tuesday, December 19th 2023
EFT has changed the course of my life in the best possible way - if you are here reading this, it is worth exploring as soon as possible. I was initially nervous to begin therapy, but similar to a toothache, daily life was so painful it had to be done. Through the work, I continue to learn how early experiences have affected the way I show up in the world. Most importantly, I have learned how to set that pain down and no longer carry it into each day. I have met with a few other providers in Reno both virtually and in person. This is the best group by far. Absolutely worth the investment.
Lucy Cummings
Review source: Google Lucy Cummings Monday, October 9th 2023
Hard to find words to capture how deeply I value Con and his ongoing efforts to enhance access to high quality therapeutic services/training for therapists in the Reno community. Con is an exceptionally compassionate and skilled clinician and trainer-- he has now led several trainings for my UNR students on attachment theory/EFT. Students repeatedly report this training as the highlight of their semester. Con’s trainings are interactive, experiential, and engaging; he makes complex concepts digestible and effectively conveys how and why to connect theory to clinical application. Con's passion, genuineness, and own embodiment of the EFT model comes through in his trainings-- for me this is what makes Con's trainings so impactful. Con also has a rare ability to be both extremely knowledgeable yet approachable. Con brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from the global-wide EFT network and the Reno community is lucky to have him!
Skip Gillette
Review source: Google Skip Gillette Sunday, October 8th 2023
Their caring and expertise has helped enormously!
Kelly Bourque
Review source: Google Kelly Bourque Tuesday, January 10th 2023
Con is so committed to the model of EFT and also a very genuine and open person - always willing to learn. I find him a breath of fresh air as a colleague. I know his clients are so lucky to have him.
Kat Geiger
Review source: Google Kat Geiger Thursday, March 25th 2021
Con provided an intro to EFT training for our staff. He was talented, skilled, warm, and excellent at meeting each staff member where they were in terms of knowledge and skill. We will certainly look forward to working with him for more trainings in the near future! I highly recommend Con Sheehan.
Jeff Newman
Review source: Google Jeff Newman Tuesday, February 26th 2019
Cornelius is a good man and excellent therapist. Talking with him helped me realize there are two sides to every situation. Everyone has a role when things are not as they should be. Was able to reconcile and get remarried my wife after spending time in therapy with him! Have never been happier!
Antoinette Smith
Review source: Google Antoinette Smith Thursday, January 17th 2019
Cornelius Sheehan Jr. is absolutely amazing and gave myself and my fiance the tools we needed to save our relationship. We left with a better understanding of each other and also ourselves. I just recommended him to a close friend and would recommend him to anyone!
Mark Robertson
Review source: Google Mark Robertson Saturday, January 12th 2019
We highly recommend Con to help anyone with their relationship issues.
Tiffany Dethmers
Review source: Google Tiffany Dethmers Thursday, December 8th 2016
Tiffany Dethmers opted not to leave a text review of Emotional & Relationship Health Associates
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More About Emotional & Relationship Health Associates

Counseling and therapy practice located in Reno, NV. Our experienced team of therapists specializes in anxiety and depression therapy, couples and marriage therapy counseling, couples and relationship improvement programs, family therapy, and premarital counseling. We provide a safe and supportive environment where individuals and couples can explore their emotions, enhance their relationships, and find solutions to relationship issues, family issues, grief and loss, and life transitions. Our therapists are highly trained in attachment-based, emotionally focused therapy, which is recognized as the gold-standard for relationship-based therapy. We are committed to providing the highest quality care to our clients and helping them achieve lasting change. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Emotional & Relationship Health Associates Frequently Asked Questions

We offer anxiety & depression therapy, couples & marriage therapy counseling, family therapy, and premarital counseling.
Therapy provides a safe space to explore emotions, enhance communication skills, and build stronger connections with your partner or family members. Emotionally Focused Therapy gets to the heart of problems and provides lasting results.
Yes, we offer both in-person and online therapy sessions for your convenience, but prefer in-person.