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Sites and pages listed in this category offer information on Intelligence and/or IQ tests and testing.
  • All IQ Test

    Collection of examinations from cultural fair to intelligence.

  • - IQ Tests

    Helps develop ability to have skills, necessary to face the requirements and challenges.

  • ExpertRating - IQ Test

    Exams will certify a person's intelligence quota. With lists for other certifications.

  • GIQTest

    Presents scale scores and post-test reports, and details its features and benefits.

  • Intelligence Quota (I.Q.) Test & Quiz In One

    Contains more than 200 questions in an IQ test for kids.

  • Intelligent Intelligence Testing

    Article discusses concept of standardized quizzes and its several benefits and effects to people.

  • International High IQ Society Tests

    Represents contemporary movement discusses variety of topics and behavior.

  • IQ Comparison

    Considered as culture-fair test with patterns to test reasoning and ability. With instructions and sample question.

  • IQ Test

    Covers mathematical, logical, visual, mix and wide range of exams.

  • IQ Test - Where Does It Come From

    Article aims to discuss historical facts and measure intelligence and potential of a child.

  • IQ Test Center

    Helps analyze the factors of intelligence and logical reasoning.

  • IQ Test Labs

    Collection of accumulated exams and assessment. Includes sample report, charts, facts and trivia, and articles.

  • IQ Test Labs

    IQ test packed with 25 free pages of analysis, statistics, advice, and career tips.

  • IQ Test Reviews

    Purpose is to provide technical data and relevant materials of tests from several countries. Includes archive of critics.

  • IQ Tests

    Lists various examination with descriptions, time limits and ratings.

  • IQlogy

    Contains definition and history, tests, boosters, different societies, and brain exercises and games.


    Statistically sound test developed by PHD's is the original online IQ test.

  • - IQ Test

    Designed to check one's mental abilities. Provides instructions and scoring details.

  • Queendom - IQ Tests

    Compilation of emotional, classical, cultural, mental speed, verbal, and intelligence type of quizzes.

  • Test and Test Research

    Develops, analyzes and evaluates psychological and intelligence examinations. Includes discussion on Son-R nonverbal test.

  • Train the Brain

    Presents memory game, exercise, train and reflect, tests and boosters.


    Provides series of tests and reports, tutorials, quizzes and challenges to check and improve someone's intelligence.

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