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Intelligence IQ Testing - IQ Tests

Helps develop ability to have skills, necessary to face the requirements and challenges.

ExpertRating - IQ Test

Exams will certify a person's intelligence quota. With lists for other certifications.


Presents scale scores and post-test reports, and details its features and benefits.

Go IQ Test

Assesses a person's cognitive and intellectual abilities.

Intelligence Quota (I.Q.) Test & Quiz In One

Contains more than 200 questions in an IQ test for kids.

International High IQ Society Tests

Represents contemporary movement discusses variety of topics and behavior.

IQ Comparison

Considered as culture-fair test with patterns to test reasoning and ability. With instructions and sample question.

IQ Test

Covers mathematical, logical, visual, mix and wide range of exams.

IQ Test - Where Does It Come From

Article aims to discuss historical facts and measure intelligence and potential of a child.

IQ Test Center

Helps analyze the factors of intelligence and logical reasoning.

IQ Test Labs

Collection of accumulated exams and assessment. Includes sample report, charts, facts and trivia, and articles.

IQ Test Labs

IQ test packed with 25 free pages of analysis, statistics, advice, and career tips.

IQ Test Reviews

Purpose is to provide technical data and relevant materials of tests from several countries. Includes archive of critics.


Contains definition and history, tests, boosters, different societies, and brain exercises and games.

Statistically sound test developed by PHD's is the original online IQ test. - IQ Test

Designed to check one's mental abilities. Provides instructions and scoring details.

Queendom - IQ Tests

Compilation of emotional, classical, cultural, mental speed, verbal, and intelligence type of quizzes.

Test and Test Research

Develops, analyzes and evaluates psychological and intelligence examinations. Includes discussion on Son-R nonverbal test.

Train the Brain

Presents memory game, exercise, train and reflect, tests and boosters.

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