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Adoption Agencies

A Act of Love: Infant Adoption

Offers various information and other facts regarding adoption, to families and persons considering fosterage.

A Child’s Hope

Specializes in domestic adoption in North Carolina and provides personalized services to birthparents and would be adoptive parents.

A Chosen Child, Inc.

Extensive articles introducing and discussing the agency’s missions and programs to adoptive and birth parents.

Abrazo Adoption Associates

Serves the needs of birthparents, children and adopting parents throughout the country through its quality placement services and other client support programs.

Across the World Adoptions

Provides descriptions of its various services offered ranging from complete and relative adoption as well as home study services.

Adopt Abroad, Inc.

Charitable institution that provides adoption services with the goal of helping families and homeless or orphaned children.

Adopt International

Offers international and domestic adoption services as well as a refugee foster care program.


Non-profit licensed child placement agency that offers services to birthmothers and addresses their various concerns.

Adoption Advisory, Inc.

Provides solutions to unplanned pregnancies, adoptive parents and orphaned children through different services suited to their individual needs.

Adoption Advocates Largo, FL

Private, non-profit organization working in Florida and dedicated to providing homes to orphaned infants and young children.

Adoption Advocates, Inc.

Provides various services specializing in infant adoptions for parents and couples considering fostering and unplanned pregnancies.

Adoption Alliance

Offers different services in US and international adoption and foster care. Also provides education programs and post adoption workshops.

The Adoption Alliance

Short article describing the agency’s mission of finding permanent homes for displaced children and infants.

Adoption Assistance, Inc.

Lists the various adoption services offered by the organization, which ranges from home studies to child placement.

Adoption Bridges of Kentucky

Contains brief descriptions of the agency’s mission, membership, trainings and upcoming events.

Adoption Center for Family

Provides counseling for pregnant women who are considering adoption.

Adoption Center for Family Building

Private non-profit open adoption agency licensed in Illinois and Indiana covers background, and information and services for birth parents and adoptive families.

Adoption Center of Washington

Features the photographs of newly arrived children and lists various resources regarding adoption and parenting.

Adoption Circle

Contains downloadable information brochures for birthparents and adoptive parents regarding the various aspects of adoption, both domestic and international.

Adoption Connection

San Francisco-area open adoption agency works with birth parents, adoptive parents, and professionals on domestic and international adoptions. Affiliated with Jewish Family and Children's Services.

Adoption Covenant

A licensed, full service adoption agency for both domestic and international adoptions. Based in Lubbock, Texas.

Adoption Link, Inc.

Licensed adoption agency located in Ohio that is committed to providing education and guidance to pregnant women and families considering adoption.

Adoption Matters Northwest

Provides guidelines for families, couples and individuals interested in applying for adopting children.

Adoption Miracles

Child placement agency that offers services to birth and adoptive parents.

Adoption Services

Offers various resources, information and services for birth mothers and adopting families.

Adoption Services Associates

Presents the 24-hour counseling line for birth parents as well as confidential counseling for unplanned pregnancies.

Adoption Services Inc.

Provides background information on the agency, important facts regarding adoption, and shows a list of services provided by the organization.

Adoption Star

Contains the profiles of waiting adoptive families as well as photographs of newly arrived infant adoptees.

Adoptions Because We Care

Private, non-profit agency in Bannockburn, Illinois offers adoption services to birth and adoptive parents, with details on the agency, adoption, and home studies.

Adoptions Together

Offers both domestic and international adoption and provides lifelong support and guidance to its applicants.

Advocates for Children and Families

Explains the mission of the agency and its different services, which includes financial assistance for biological mothers.

Alternatives in Motion

Focuses on providing child placement services and maternity support to clients unable to continue parenting.

Barker Foundation Adoption Agency

Non-profit adoption agency providing long-term adoptive and related family services to birth parents, adopted persons and adoptive parents.

Beacon House

Non-profit adoption agency provides domestic and international child placement programs. Also offers home study and post placement services.


Provides counseling for pregnant women and conducts adoption services. Clinics are located in Hamilton, Cobourg, Guelph and Woodstock.

Beta Foster Care

Conducts workshops and home tutorials for foster families. Also offers child counseling and recreational activities.

Bethany Christian Services Adoption Agency

Non-profit, pro-life Christian adoption and family services agency matching individuals and families with adoptable children in 30 states and 15 countries. Also offers an infertility ministry and foster care, and estate planning assistance.

Bright Futures Adoption Center

Licensed by the Massachusetts Office for Child Care Services; devoted to educating and guiding birth and adoptive parents.

Building Blocks Adoption Service, Inc.

Licensed international adoption agency in Ohio that has placed thousands of children with families all over the United States.

Carolina Hope

Christian agency provides adoption programs from Cambodia, China, Guatemala and Ukraine.

Casa Quivira

Offers adoption programs from Guatemala. Provides photos of adoptive families.

Cherished Children International Adoption Agency (CCIAA)

Non-profit agency assists with domestic and international adoptions. Describes mission, programs, financing, recent adoptions, news, events, seminars, and contacts.

Child Adoption Associates, Inc

Offers child placements from Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Outlines adoption process.

Child and Parent Services, Inc

Offers counseling and support services for both adoptive and birth parents. Also offers homes study programs.

Children at Heart

Supports humanitarian programs and orphanages of some countries. Offers child placement services in the United States.

Children of the World

Proffers adoption projects from China, Guatemala, India, Kazakhstan, Russia and Vietnam.

Children’s Aid Society

Contains instructions and application forms for adoption or foster care. Also conducts birthparent counseling and adoption classes.

Children’s Home Society and Family Services

Non-sectarian, non-profit organization that provides child and family support, early childhood education and humanitarian aid services worldwide.

Children's Home Society of Missouri

Provides traditional agency, independently facilitated, and international adoptions and adoption services for older children, sibling groups and children with special needs or disabilities.

Christian Adoption Services

Established with the goal of providing homeless and orphaned children in El Salvador a permanent family and home.

Christian Family Care Agency

Private, non-profit, social services agency that believes in the importance of a nurturing family to the overall development of each child.

Chrysalis House, Inc.

Adoption and foster family agency offering programs in domestic and international adoption.

Community Adoption Center, Inc.

Briefly describes the features of the agency and its mission together with the various programs offered by the organization.

Cradle of Love

Non-profit Georgia adoption agency that provides emotional and financial support for birthmothers wanting to put their children up for adoption.

Downey Side

Involved in adoption services. Also accepts donations and volunteer.

Everyday Blessings

Encloses information on the agency’s history, purpose and services. Includes guidelines for local, domestic or international adoption programs.

Families for Children

Provides records of adoption made by and with the agency from 1948 to present.

Family Adoption Services

Comprehensive articles that serve as guides for adoptive parents, birthmothers and professionals.

Family Creations

Provides clinical services such as family therapy, crisis intervention or counseling and adoption support groups.

Family Options Adoptions

Introduces the biographies of the founders of the agency and provides background information for birth and adoptive parents.

Frank Adoption Center

Posts the latest global and national news regarding adoption together with the agency’s contact details and location information.

Friends in Adoption

Contains waiting list of families with profiles. Includes checklist on what to expect during the adoption process.

Future Families

Provides assistance and support for adoptive families who are raising older children.

Gladney Center for Adoption

Non-profit adoption agency serving the needs of adoptive parents, birth parents and adopted children in the U.S. and abroad.

Golden Cradle

Offers services for birthparents such as medical care and legal assistance. Outlines the adoption process.

Grace Adoptions

Provides a scan of the agency license and an overview of its history. Outlines services offered for both adoptive and birthparents.

Hands Across the Water

Provides guidelines for domestic or international adoption processing. Coverage areas include Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Nepal, Dominican Republic and Panama.


International adoption programs for areas in Pacific Northwest, China, Guatemala, Haiti, Kazakhstan, Haiti and Vietnam.

His House

Offers trainings and workshops for adoptive families. Includes FAQs and contact information.

Homestudies and Adoption Placement Services

Features the photo gallery of children who have been adopted from different countries like China, Guatemala and Russia.

Illien Adoptions Internationals Inc.

Contains timetable and photos of waiting children. Provides guides to necessary fees.

Infant of Prague

Non-profit agency in Fresno, California features programs and services for domestic adoptions, including adoptive parents, birth parents, and post-adoption.

Life Tree

Provides counseling for birth mothers and fathers. Outlines the adoption process.

Living Bridges

Provides service to local and poor families within Latin America. Contains inspiring stories.

Love Basket Inc.

Private agency facilitating open, semi-open and closed adoptions for birth parents and adoptive parents across America, as well as for U.S. citizens living overseas.

MAPS Adoptions

Non-profit international adoption agency that has placed over 4,000 children since 1977.

Methodist Mission Home

Contains photo gallery, news and details of events. Outlines adoption services for birth and adoptive parents.

Mississippi Children’s Home Service

Provides care and education for housed children. Includes details of adoption programs offered.

Nathanson Adoption Services

Provides adoption workshops and home study programs. Contains application packet.

National Adoption Center

Provides adoption related resources and information on children needing a home.

New York State

Encloses family adoption registry, agencies, subsidy information and child placement forms.

Night Light

Christian adoption agency offers programs for Asian and Jewish families.

North Carolina Adoption Agency

Private adoption agency that offers services ranging from home study to step parent adoptions.

Northwest Adoption Exchange

Photolisting of waiting children and articles containing information about home study and adoption areas like Alaska, Idaho and Washington.

Oklahoma Home Study

Contains information about the agency, FAQs and contact details. Outlines services offered and corresponding fees.

One Church One Child

Florida - based adoption agency. Contains pictures of waiting children.

One World

Offers domestic and international adoption programs. Also facilitates home study services.

Open Adoption and Family Services

Offers services for adoptive parents and birth families. Accepts donations.

Open Arms Adoption Services

Gives an overview of programs and services offered. Offers home study services within Louisiana.

Open Door Adoption Agency

Christian, non-profit agency places domestic and international children with adoptive parents in the U.S.

Pact, An Adoption Alliance

Specializes in providing adoption services and support to children of color and provides advice and lifelong education to adoptive families.

Psi Family Services

Multi-state agency matches safe and caring homes for abused and neglected children. Also provides foster and adoptive parent recruitment and training.

Shore Adoption Services

Contains the brief history of the organization and background information on the families waiting to adopt.

Spence Chapin

Proffers adoption programs of African-American and Hispanic origins. Includes services for pregnant women considering adoption.

Sunny Ridge Family Center

Non-profit and charitable group that provides African-American, domestic, and international adoption programs and services.

Sunrise Adoption

Licensed non-profit adoption agency in British Columbia. Provides counseling, support and adoption services to birth parents and adoptive parents across Canada with domestic and international adoption programs.

Three Rivers Adoption Council

Encloses a photo listing of children available for adoption. Provides calendar and newsletter of the agency.

Vermont Children’s Aid Society

Adoption agency that started way back in 1919. Offers services for both birth and adoptive parents.

Wide Horizons for Children

Lists countries included in the adoption programs. Provides pregnancy services and humanitarian aid.

World Association for Children and Parents

Contains profiles of waiting children and families. Encloses an adoption application form.

You Gotta Believe

Offers adoption services of older children. Provides schedules of orientations conducted and list of adoption related articles.

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