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  • Anat Baniel Method

    Includes historical overview of the medical practice. With definitions of treatment applications.

  • Anat Baniel Method Professional Training

    Specifies the educational instructions provided including information on application procedures.

  • Feldenkrais at Home

    Provides background on the instructional materials offered for the relief of body pains. Includes an overview on the courses and general public training sessions.

  • The Feldenkrais Center

    Posts schedules, general outline of the instructors and courses, and overview on the workshops. With brief discussion on the uses of the therapeutic movement method and rates per sessions.

  • Feldenkrais Educational Foundation of North America

    References on the therapeutic method including details on becoming a practitioner and classes conducted.

  • Feldenkrais Learning Center

    Includes information on the benefits provided by the therapeutic treatment. With schedule of classes provided as well.

  • Feldenkrais Method with Ralph Strauch

    Features the methodology and principle of healing of the bodywork massage technique. With details on the workshops and classes, consultation, and limiting factors of the procedure.

  • Feldenkrais Training in Sarasota

    Highlights an overview of classes and instructions conducted by Bonnie Kissam on related therapy studies.

  • Institute for the Study of Somatic Education

    Specializes in providing training and continuing education for the therapeutic treatment. Includes workshop details as well.

  • International Feldenkrais Federation

    Incorporates the development of the medical practice of the therapy technique through membership opportunities and events organized.

  • MBS Academy

    Highlights the mechanism and rationale of the functionality of the Feldenkrais method. Includes details on the general course description and schematic diagram of the training applications.

  • Mind in Motion

    Selection of various training programs offered for practitioners involved in the therapy technique. Provides educational resources.

  • Movement Educators

    Collaboration of Diana and Efrem Razumny focusing in conducting training programs. Features archive of newsletters as well.

  • Ryan Nagy, Feldenkrais, Health and Lifestyle Design

    Feldenkrais mp3 products and downloads, consulting. https://www.facebook.com/nagy.feldenkrais/ feed://feeds.feedburner.com/TheWebWhisperer

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