A deck can add functional living space to your outdoor area, and it’s a great place for a hot tub or exercise equipment. But building a deck requires a lot of work, specialized knowledge, and tools you may not have. Professional deck builders have the ability and skills to build a great custom deck for your home.

At Best of the Web, you’ll find a list of trusted deck companies near you. We can help you locate a pre-approved, trusted professional to build a new deck, repair your existing deck, or add a porch to your home.

Precision Decks & Remodeling
100 N 18th St
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Precision Decks & Remodeling is a rooftop deck builder and designer in Philadelphia PA. From design to installation, our team of experienced professionals are here for you every step of the way. Locally owned and operated, we offer the latest in high-quality roof deck construction in Philadephia. Unclaimed: Claim this business

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Phone(215) 620-8288

Precision Decks & Remodeling
100 N 18th St
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Precision Decks & Remodeling is a rooftop deck builder and designer in Philadelphia PA. From design to installation, our team of experienced professionals are here for you every step of the way. Locally owned and operated, we offer the latest in high-quality roof deck construction in Philadephia. Unclaimed: Claim this business

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Top Services Provided by Decking Companies


While deck builders offer deck building and designing services, many offer other services as well. Some of the most common services you may find:

  • Wood decks: A professional deck builder can help design your new deck and build it. They’ll help you select options, talk with you about possible HOA and building code problems, and offer tips for which wood will work best.
  • Composite decks: Deck builders offer all the same services for composite decks as they do for wood decks. They’ll help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of composites.
  • Pergolas: Many deck companies also build pergolas. They can handle both attached and free-standing pergolas to create a nice outdoor space for you to enjoy.
  • Patios: Professional deck companies often build patios as well. Their skilled craftsmen do all the hard work of prepping the site and building a great space to share with your friends and family.
  • Porches: A new porch can add to the appeal of a home and increase its value. Many deck builders can design and build a new porch on your home for you
  • Deck repairs: Professional deck companies can also repair your existing deck. They will remove any rotted or damaged wood and replaced it, extending the life of your current deck.
  • Railings: A deck company can add a new railing to your existing deck, improving its safety and aesthetics.

Professional deck builders can do all of the above and more. They’ll help you find the right wood or materials for your project and they have all the skills, training, and tools necessary to get the job done right.

Cost Guide


The cost for having a deck or patio installed can vary by a large degree. Most of those differences come down to your location, the size of your project, and the cost of materials involved. 


Here are the averages for some of the most common services:


Wood Deck Construction

  • Range: $3,407-12,188
  • National average: $8,256

Composite Deck Construction

  • Range: $5,602-14,476
  • National average: $9,923

Patio Construction

  • Range: $2,236-5,926
  • National average: $4,147

Porch Construction

  • Range: $3,500-24,200
  • National average: $14,080

Pergola Construction

  • Range: $1,912-6,864
  • National average: $4,354

Tips For Hiring A Deck Builder


Hiring a deck building company can be intimidating, but we’re here to help. Follow these tips below and you can find the best deck builder for your project.

Check Their Reputation On Best Of The Web


Before you hire any deck builder, check their reputation and reviews on Best of the Web. Here you can find a list of deck builders near you. You can find their contact information, hours of operation, and what services they offer. If you find them on Best of the Web, you’ll know they’ve been verified and can be trusted with your project.


Get Multiple Estimates


Get multiple quotes before you hire a deck builder for your project. Provide as many details about the project as you can, then make sure their quotes cover all of your expectations. Make sure to ask about any additional costs you may incur.


The first quote you receive may be the best, but you need to get multiple quotes to be sure. Aim for at least three. Any estimate outside the average by very much is a sign that they either don’t understand the project or lack the experience and skill necessary to perform the job correctly.


Ask About A Warranty


Before you hire a deck builder, ask about a warranty. While wood decks and projects may not come with a warranty on the products, most composite products do. Expect a deck builder to cover their work, at least. If your deck is leaning or uneven after a few months, repair work should be completed under warranty.


Not all warranties are equal. Make sure you know what they cover and what they don’t. A warranty that covers labor and materials is worth more to you than one that only covers the materials, so always check the fine print.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Build My Own Deck?


A professional deck builder has the skills necessary to construct your project quickly and safely. They have higher attention to detail than most DIYers, as well. In the end, you may not save as much as you think. If you aren’t completely sure you can handle it, leave this project to the professionals.


Does A Deck Increase The Home Value?


A new deck not only adds aesthetic appeal, but it increases the usable outdoor living area. You can expect your home value to increase from 75-110% of the cost of your new deck, which makes adding a deck one of the most cost-effective home improvement projects you can undertake.


Do I Need A Permit To Add A Deck?


You might need a permit to add a new deck to your home. It depends on your community, so always check. Don’t depend on the deck builder to know this, you’re the responsible party. Not all contractors will get the permit for you, and you’ll be the one held responsible if they don’t. Also check with your HOA, if you have one, to be sure there aren’t any regulations you should be aware of. 

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