Stuck at Home? Perfect Board Games for Two

If you think board games have nothing more to offer than a few dreary hours a la Monopoly, think again! There are hundreds of modern board games available, many of which were made possible thanks to crowdfunding, that require you to puzzle and strategize in creative ways. There are cooperative games for those of you who prefer not to compete with friends and family and those that rely on apps for a truly immersive experience. And in times when you’re limited to only one other player, the following games will redefine how you view board games while providing fun and quality time with your favorite person!


In Jaipur, you and a partner compete to collect goods worth the highest value and camels by swapping cards in your hand with those from the table. If you earn the most points, you win.

Codenames Duet

Codenames might be known as a group game, but Duet ensures that two people can enjoy the fun of word association. Like the original, you want your partner to pick one or more of the words from cards displayed in front of you based on clues you give. This time, there are no competing teams, however. You either win together or lose together.


There are now three versions of Azul, a game that plays beautifully with two players. Gamers enjoy the original and Summer Pavilion the most. In both, you collect colorful tiles to fill your player board. However, the shape of the tiles and board differs between the versions.

Fox in the Forest

This card game has gorgeous fairytale-themed illustrations and expands on basic trick-taking with unique abilities. However, players can push their luck too far and suffer the consequences.


Carcassonne has quickly become a modern classic. Gamers have purchased over 10 million copies of this game since its release in 2000. If you join them, you’ll have the pleasure of laying tiles and placing wooden figures known as meeples in an attempt to earn the most points.


Players who enjoy the strategy required by chess should consider Hive. Each player places a set of hexagonal ceramic tiles — one black and the other white — that depict insects, each with its own unique ability to move. Can you surround your opponent’s queen first?

Forbidden Desert

Take a break from competing with this cooperative game where you play stranded adventurers who must retrieve parts for their flying machine from the desert before succumbing to the storm. You can increase intensity on subsequent plays if you feel confident in you and your partner’s ability to rebuild your wreck.

Whether you’re sheltering in place or simply enjoying a quiet evening at home in your apartment, these modern board games provide entertainment for couples and roommates alike. And if you can’t get enough of board games, you’ll find a veritable treasure trove of reviews of modern titles on blogs and YouTube channels, including those that are ideal for groups and even solo gaming!

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