Spring Cleaning Checklist and Tips

There comes a time during every year when you look around your home and realize that there is some work to do. The clothes are piling up, the dust is mounting, and the floors have seen better days. It is time to do some spring cleaning. While we may want to keep a clean home, it can be difficult to know where to start, so we have created this checklist to help you along the way. Here are some tips for deep-cleaning every room of your home.

Living Room/Family Room Spring Cleaning

Since it is likely where you spend most of your time, you’ll want to start your spring cleaning efforts in the living room. Begin by clearing the clutter. Whether it is piles of clothes, toys that have been forgotten, or furniture that you rarely use, cleaning out this unnecessary stuff will free up some space so you can do the rest of the cleaning more efficient

Now that you have some space, clean the rest of the living room by doing the following:

Dust All Surfaces – In addition to dusting the shelves, lamps, and other obvious places, you will also want to dust the blinds on your windows with a microfiber cloth, the blades of your fan with an extendable wooly duster, and get a latter so you can clean any other ceiling fixtures such as track and recessed lighting.

Dust can cause odors, allergies, and other breathing issues and needs to be cleaned often

Vacuum Rugs and Carpets – Use your vacuum and all applicable attachments to clean the floors. Move all furniture so you can clean the spots where old food can collect. You can also vacuum your furniture or use microfiber cloths for more delicate chairs and ottomans. Don’t forget to vacuum or dust the windowsills as well.

Clean Commonly Touched Surfaces – This is a great time to use your microfiber cloth to clean all of the surfaces that you touch all of the time but barely clean, such as doorknobs, light switch plates, and the remote control.

Wipe Down Floorboards – Use a cloth or duster to wipe the baseboards. This is also a good time to clean any marks from the walls.

Kitchen Spring Cleaning

Since it is the place where you prepare most of your meals and feed your family, your kitchen should be cleaned pretty regularly, but spring cleaning is a chance to hit all of the spaces that are easy to miss. Here is your kitchen checklist:

Organize and Clean Pantry – Clean out the pantry by dusting the shelves and sweeping the corners. This is also a good time to sort out any expired food items and trash or donate foods you no longer eat. Do the same for the refrigerator and scrub the shelves and door compartments.

Wipe Down All Cabinets – Clean all cabinet doors (inside and out) and use a microfiber cloth on all of the handles.

Deep Clean Appliances – Clean all appliances, including the microwave, mixers, toasters, range hoods, and anything else that is sitting on your counters. While you shouldn’t put your appliances in water, you can dip a clean cloth into warm soapy water and wipe down these items. If there are any food particles or dirt in the crevices, you can use a toothbrush to clean those spaces.

Dusting Hidden Surfaces- You should also dust the spaces in the kitchen which are often forgotten, including the top of the refrigerator, on top of high cabinets, and any light fixtures. 

Bathroom Spring Cleaning

The bathrooms are another place that you should clean on a weekly basis. At a minimum, you should regularly clean and disinfect your toilet and sinks and scrub the bottom of your tub, so the marks made while bathing don’t become permanent. This is also a good time to do the things that you do in the other rooms, including cleaning the light switch covers and washing the windows. Beyond that, here is some heavier work you can do each spring:

Shower Maintenance – Take this time to clean or change out your shower curtain and/or shower curtain liner. You should also clean the showerhead itself, both to make it squeaky clean and to remove any stuck debris that may be blocking water flow.

Clean all hidden crevices in the shower to prevent mold and mildew buildup

Clean Decorative Items – There are likely many items in your bathroom that are easy to forget, like your toothbrush holder, but take this time to scrub it clean or replace it entirely. You should also clean and dust any pictures you have hanging and even the toilet roll dispenser itself. 

Replace Worn Out Accessories – Even though you might clean them regularly, this may be a good time to officially replace any towels and bath mats as they may have seen better days.

Bedroom Spring Cleaning

The bedroom is similar to the living room, where if you keep up with regular chores throughout the year, then you will probably have a good head start. General maintenance in the bedroom includes cleaning all light switches and fixtures, wiping down baseboards, dusting furniture, and mopping or vacuuming the floor. 

Other areas to clean include:

The Bed – This is a great time to flip your mattress, which is necessary because it gives you a fresh sleeping surface, and you will increase its lifespan. While you are there, take some time to clear or sort out the items that are under your bed. 

Closet – Spring cleaning is the perfect time to get in your closet and clear out the clutter. Go through everything you have and decide if you will wear it this year. If you are uncertain, then put it in a donation pile. While you’re in there, you can create more space by packing away your winter clothes and putting out your spring attire.

Spring Clean Garden and Outside of Home

While most of your spring cleaning will take place inside of the home, you must not forget to improve the curb appeal of your property by cleaning up the exterior. Here are a few things to do:

Outer Walls – Take this time to power wash the siding and brick, and don’t forget to get the doors. You’ll also want to take your time to wash all windows and clear the window and door tracks. Don’t forget to clear extra debris from the gutters. 

Pressure Wash Deck – Pressure wash your deck and get rid of those stubborn stains that you have been looking at all year. Also, clean all patio furniture, including the cushions. 

Clean Accessories – Spring cleaning is a time to get every nook and cranny, so look at the outdoor accessories, including light fixtures and make sure to switch out any broken bulbs. If you have any flags or fabric decorations, give those a good washing as well.

As you can see, there is plenty to do when it comes to spring cleaning, but it is important that you take your time and not overburden yourself. Clean one room at a time, and your home will be sparkling clean for the new year. Too busy to clean? Hire a professional house cleaner or maid in your area to help you keep your home sparkling.

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