Nanotechnology Academic Departments

Alivisatos Group

Find details of nanotechnology research, publications, staff and activities.

Analytical Instrumentation Facility

Affiliated division of the North Carolina State University engaged in developing applications on materials characterization.

Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies

User facility operating on national level of research activities designed to develop and integrate nanoscale material functions.

Defense University Research Initiative on Nanotechnology - Biomimetics

Documentation of the study conducted in order to propose findings in the field. Profiles the staff involved.

Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology

Investigative studies conducted in the institution developing material sciences and nanometrology operations.

Integrated Microfabrication Laboratory - Brigham Young University

Technical references for the activities of the academic institution covering microfabrication processes, metrology, analysis of semiconductor properties and micro fabrication.

International Institute for Nanotechnology

Nanoscale analysis for devices and materials conducted by the organization. Includes news updates on industry events.

Nano Research Group

Sanctioned by Professor Zhong Wang to conduct developmental studies. Contains an archive of published materials and project documentations.

Nanoscale Physics Research Laboratory

Center for interdisciplinary studies involving different aspects of nanosciences. Contains details on organized programs.

Nanoscale Science and Nanotechnology Group

Newcastle University's research entity working on industry developments. Includes archive of published materials and event announcements.

Nanoscale Science Laboratory

Division of the University of Cambridge focusing on improving applications in nanotechnologies. Includes details of its facility.

NanoScale Science Ph.D. Program

Overview of the topics that are expected to be learned in the studies covering materials manipulation and development on small scale applications.

Nanotechnology at UT Austin

Posts updates on current projects sanctioned by the academic group. Includes announcement of activities and images from their operations.

Nanotube Research

Profiles the operations of the educational group from Australian National University. Highlights updates on recent projects.

Nottingham University Nanoscience Group

Posts announcement of activities organized in the academic division with a list of staff and classified index of studies.

Reifenberger Nanophysics Laboratory

Facility at Purdue University conducting studies and experiments on the scientific field. Contains an archive of publications.

Rensselaer Research - Nanotechnology

Overview of the scientific experiments conducted for the industry focusing on molecular and atomic control of materials.

RMB Lab Research - Nanotechnology

Specifies the studies conducted by the facility involved in nanostructure synthesis and analytical processes.

Scanning Probe Methods Group

Points out the research activities conducted in the department covering topics on nanoscale magnetic order theory, nanostructures and nanotribology.

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