Quantum Mechanics Physics

The EPR Paradox and Inequality Principle of Bell

Reports and demonstrates the lack of completeness in quantum mechanics.

High Energy Physics Theory Archives

Collection of research paper e-prints. With title, author, full-text and abstract.

Knocking on the Devil’s Door

Short article provides an introduction to Quantum Mechanics. In PDF.

Kronig-Penney Dispersion Graph

Executable Java tool of a Kronig-Penney model solver. With some exercises and a downloadable version.

Mona Lisa

Reports on the different elements of the painting that are relevant to quantum mechanics.


Presents a summary of Parity in quantum mechanics and discusses ways of breaking quantum mechanical symmetry.

Path Integral Approach to Quantum Mechanics

Reports on Feynman’s versions on the aspects of quantum mechanics.

Path Integral Methods and Applications

Offers lessons into the techniques of path integrals and the applications on physical fields.

Physics Bookshelf - Quantum Mechanics

Offers discussions and illustrations on the basic concepts of quantum mechanics.


Provides videos containing lessons on time evolution of wave pockets.

Quantized Lie Groups and Algebras

Discusses the aspects and applications of the Yang-Baxter equation and representation theories.

Quantum Cryptography

Provides theories and aspects on quantum cryptography.

Quantum Mechanics

Contains surveys of quantum mechanic concepts based on the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Quantum Physics Papers Archives

Collection of research papers on Quantum Physics starting December 1994.

University of Vienna – Quantum Physics

Discusses the experiments and breakthroughs of the University of Vienna.

Virtual Journal of Quantum Information

Multijournal compilation of research in Quantum Computing, Cryptography, and Communication. With instructions on accessing full-text articles.

Visual Quantum Mechanics

Educational site containing instructional materials, on-line tutorials and interactive multimedia that enable the user to experiment and see quantum mechanics effects.

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