Mathematical Physics People

Adrien-Marie Legendre

Provides a short biography of the mathematician who contributed to statistics, number theory, abstract algebra and mathematical analysis.

Baez, John

Displays articles and research notes about quantum gravity and related scientific theories.

Charles Hermite

Describes the life and works of the mathematician credited with researching number theory, quadratic forms, invariant theory, orthogonal polynomials, elliptic functions, and algebra.

Charles-Francois Sturm

Explains the life of the mathematician who worked and created the Sturm-Liouville equations.

David Feinstein

Shows discussions on the different applications of mathematical theories in physics problems.

Edmond Laguerre

Explores the life of the scientist credited with developing several theories in geometry and complex analysis.

Elie Cartan

Shows a brief biography and resource links to the credited works of the French mathematician.

George Green

Presents quotations from the writings and articles of the British mathematician who developed the Green's functions used on physics.

George Stokes

Discusses the biography, shows pictures, and presents works of the physicist who made contributions to fluid dynamics.

Greg Moore

Shows research highlights on mathematical structures and applications.

Gustav Jacobi

Discusses the life of the mathematician credited with coordinate transformations.

Hermann Hankel

Shows references and a biography of the mathematician who developed Hankel functions and transform.

Jean Delambre

Analyzed the orbit of Uranus and predicted the possibility of an extra planet in the solar system.

Jean Fourier

Provides details on the mathematician who developed the Fourier series and transforms.

Joseph Liouville

Helped developed the Sturm-Liouville differential equations used on various scientific applications.

Nelson, Mark

Researcher on non-linear chemical dynamics involving the application on bifurcation theory, continuation methods, dynamical systems methodology and singularity theory to practical problems.

Sophus Lie

Discusses the history and works of the Norwegian-born mathematician that developed applications in quantum mechanics.

Symmetry People

Compiles a list of researchers dealing with experiments on symmetries and integrability.

Tierz, Miguel

Shows publications and resources focusing on the research of Random matrix theory, quantum groups and zeta functions.

Vicsek, Tamas

Specializes on statistical physics research. Shows publication lists and teaching highlights.

Vito Volterra

Presents the scientist’s works on differential equations and mathematical physics.

Vladimir I. Arnold

Contributes to mathematical physics. Shows the scientist’s curriculum vitae, papers, and seminars.

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