Tasmania Science and Environment

Cooperative Research Centre for Forestry

Joint venture supported by the forestry industry, research organisations, state agencies and the Australian Government.

Devil Island Project

News and information of a project developed to investigate the facial tumour disease attacking Tasmanian Devils.

Environmental Protection Authority

Principal environmental regulator in Tasmania provides details of resources, vision and goals, legislation, corporate documents, publications and reports.

Mole Creek Karst National Park

Information about the park and caves supplied by the Parks and Wildlive Service of Tasmania.

Recherche Bay

Historic area saved from logging in 2006 is presented with information about the environment, the campaign and history plus a virtual tour.

Sustainable Living Tasmania

The centre services as a centre for community resources and education and provides details of activities, resources, events, membership, library, contacts and links.

Tasmania Weed Society Inc

Society formed in 1995 provides details of membership, constitution, activities, meetings, seminars and workshops.

Tasmanian Aquaculture and Fisheries Institute

Presents an overview of the institute with information on research, publications, people involved and collaborators.

The Tasmanian Land Conservancy

Details of a non profit organisation that acquires and manages land in Tasmania, protecting important natural places.

Tasmanian Organic Dynamic Producers Inc

Find information on organic standards, farming, labelling, research, fee structure, producers and resources.

Water SOS Chemicals

An investigation into the aerial spraying of the chemical atrazine in Tasmania.

The Wilderness Society - Tasmania

Describes the area including the temperate wilderness areas. Includes information threatened areas, campaigns, news and contacts.

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