Science News

Audubon Magazine

Offers information about the environment, pollution, ecosystems, and birds. Includes subscription information.

BBC NEWS – Science or Nature

Reports on local and regional concerns. Includes information about environment, animals, plants, and people.

CBBC Newsround – Science and Technology

Provides current reports about the subject for kids. Includes other links for sources. - Technology

Contains game and gadget reviews. Includes other related information.


Features list of science news articles and also contains topics on health and physics.

Environmental News Network

Presents ecological reports as well as articles related to Science and Technology.


Dedicated for children contains reports that covers a lot about Science and Technology. Includes useful links for sources.

Music, Videos and Artist Bios – Yahoo Kids!

Compiles various entertainments for children. Includes interactive games, movies thrillers, jokes and sports.

Popular Science

Contains information about all sorts of technology. Includes other related inventions and discoveries.

Science A GoGo

Contains articles related to the subject. Also includes book reviews and sources for references.

Science for Kids

Reports related to the subject for children. Also include other resources for references.

Science News for Kids

Designed specifically for youngsters, this site publishes important or quirky science news. From The Society for Science and the Public.

Science Village

Archive of previous issues look at biology, chemistry, physics, and geography.

ScienceDaily Magazine

Provides related reports on research studies and discoveries of subject like Biology.

Interactive publication of current news about technology and the environment. Also provides other references.

Features news and articles about environmental pollution, including possible solutions.

Tree For All

Aims to uphold the awareness of children to protect the environment. Includes details on events.

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