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Presents descriptions of the living conditions and slaughtering methods of the poultry industry. Provides information about the ongoing efforts to improve treatment of poultry.
  • Chicken Feed

    Promotes the giving of natural feeds to chickens. With information on the traditional and old-times ways of feeding chickens around the world.

  • Eastern Shore Sanctuary and Education Center

    Get to know the ways to help chickens, which have escaped or have been rescued from abusive conditions, find a sanctuary.

  • Egg Cruelty

    Accounts the kind of suffering laying and meat chickens undergo from confinement to debeaking to death.

  • ISE Cruelty

    Dedicated presentation sites the animal cruelty of ISE, an egg supplier with multiple facilities in various states.

  • Kentucky Fried Chicken Cruelty

    Exposes KFC's painful ways of raising and processing chicken meat: live scalding, life-long crippling, and debeaking.

  • No Foie Gras

    Trek into the dark secrets behind foie gras gourmet specialty in this graphic textual and pictoral presentation.

  • Superchicken - The Cyberactivist

    Houses the collection of "Tyson Stories," narratives and testimonials from a former Tyson slaugherhouse hanger turned activist.

  • Turkey Farm Cruelty

    Documentation of the PETA undercover investigation into Crestview Farm. With photos and video.

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