Genetics in the Best of the Web Directory


  • 123Genomes

    Showcases information pages and links about genomics and bioinformatics.

  • BBC - Genes

    BBC site offering news, resources, and information regarding genes and genetics.

  • Beacon Network

    A search engine across the world's public beacons. It enables global discovery of genetic mutations.

  • Cloning Simplified: The Cloning of Dolly

    Explains the cloning of Dolly the sheep in an "easy to understand" manner. Includes diagrams.

  • Computational Gene Recognition

    Site includes bibliographical entry about computational gene information.

  • Cracking the Code of Life

    Information page about TV special on the complete letter-by-letter sequence of genetic information that defines human life.

  • Database of Genome Sizes

    Contains resources and information about Genome sizes.

  • Essentials of Genetics

    Site provides historical overview of genetics, including basic terms and rules.

  • FlyBase: A Database of the Drosophila Genome

    Provides a database of information on the molecular biology and genetics of Drosophila. Provides information about the Drosophila Genome Projects.

  • Gene CRC

    Facts about genes, including institute details, issues, event calendar, and offered programs.

  • GeneCards V3

    Searchable database of human genes that provides concise genomic and disease related information.

  • MendelWeb

    Educational resource for teachers and students interested in the origins of classical genetics, introductory data analysis, elementary plant science, and the history and literature of science.

  • Nature Scitable: Genetics

    Learn, study, and research Genetics and other science topics.

  • Noncoding DNA

    Highlights on Noncoding DNA information that includes news updates, researches, and raw data.

  • The Vicia Toolbox

    Aimed at researchers and breeders who are interested in developing community resources and collaborative research with the goal of genetic improvement of faba bean.

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