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Georgia Government

  • Center for Effective Governance System and Territorial Arrangement Reform

    Established to implement reforms for local democracy and decentralization; describes their strategies, policies, and progress, with news and events.

  • Chamber of Control

    Audits the use and expenditure of state funds; describes their role and activities, legislation, and structure.

  • Civil Registry Agency

    Responsible for registering births, marriages, deaths, and changes of status; also manage identity cards and passports. Describes their services and network of regional offices.

  • Forestry Department

    Charged with sustainably managing Georgia's forest resources, with regard to their ecological, economic and social importance. Includes a video and photo gallery.

  • Government of Georgia

    Provides an overview of the government, with information about the Prime Minister, Cabinet of Ministers, the constitution and legislation, news, and press releases.

  • Ministry of Defence

    Describes Georgia's armed forces, with background on strategies and policies, participation in international missions, news, and information on the ministry structure.

  • Ministry of Economic Development

    Aims to ensure sustainable economic development based on stable macroeconomic policy and private entrepreneurship development. Offers information about its departments, policies, and activities.

  • Ministry of Education and Science

    Describes the state education system in Georgia, with information about the ministry's role and strategies, programs, and legislation.

  • Ministry of Energy

    Responsible for exploiting existing energy resources, diversifying imported energy supply, and managing distribution. Includes legislation, with information about projects, legislation, and their strategies and policies.

  • Ministry of Finance

    Responsible for fiscal policy, national budget, and taxation; includes a guide to their strategies and services, with reports and contacts.

  • Ministry of Refugees and Accommodation

    Implements state policy on refugees, asylum seekers, internally displaced persons, repatriants, and other migrants; describes their function, structure, and strategic priorities.

  • Office of the State Minister for Reintegration

    Established to contribute to the restoration of the territorial integrity of Georgia, reintegration of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and the return of refugees. Describes their role and activities, with information about international links.

  • President of Georgia

    Information about the President and his role, with news, speeches and briefings, and Georgia's constitution and government.

  • Privatization

    The Ministry of Economic Development's resource; includes background on applicable legislation, information about current privatization opportunities, news, and an archive.

  • Public Defender of Georgia

    Official website of the ombudsman responsible for supervising the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms. Describes his role, projects, and activities, with news.

  • Supreme Court

    Provides information about Georgia's judicial system, and the part played by the Supreme Court; includes information about judges, judgements, their reform process, and publications.

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